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I am so done with winter...

I've had to deal with two full and one partial snow days in the last week and a half. One of the full ones and the partial (they shut down classes at 4:00 on a day when I teach from 3:05 to 4:20) happened to my course at Central, one that already had four credits worth of material jammed into a three credit course. I lost yesterday from my MCC schedule, but at least that course has more places where I can make up the difference. I normally tack on some non-syllabus material on the last day anyway. Both of the full days landed on the final lecture before an exam, so I've had to postpone the exams a day, which is probably harder on the students than it is me.

Boskone kicks off today, and I'll head up there for the evening in a little while. Had the Subaru maintained* this morning, so there should be no problems with the drive. I would dearly love to be able to take the train up from Wickford, but while it would get me there today, service stops before I want to leave tonight, and there's no service at all on the weekend. Bother.

* I've already put 10,000 miles on the Sub since I got it less than six months ago. It has been very handy having AWD for the snowy days, especially the drive out to and back from New Britain on that partial snow day.

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It was the best of times, it was the... well, not the worst of times, but there were parts of 2013 that weren't so good.

The year in review... )


Nov. 2nd, 2012 12:54 pm
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As it started to get dark Wednesday night, I happened to glance out my front window at the truck and noticed that the right rear tire didn't look quite right. Closer inspection confirmed that it had lost quite a bit of pressure. Usually in these cases it takes time and a soapy sponge to locate the leak, but this time it was obvious. The head of a 2" drywall screw was sticking out of the sidewall at a 45° angle just inside of the tread. As it was getting dark, and since I didn't need to go anywhere, I left it for yesterday.

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Rode my bike home from work today, the first time I've ever done that. That wasn't Plan A. I was originally going to drive home, then go to the bike path and ride later. Unfortunately, that got the kibosh applied to it when the truck wouldn't start at lunchtime. AAA came and, after I had the presence of mind to grab the bike from the back of the truck, took the truck off to Tire Pros for some diagnostics. Apart from a longish detour around the crazy traffic by the Home Depot, which included my first real hill climb of the year, it wasn't too bad. Map My Ride tells me the trip was 9.6 miles. It wouldn't be a bad bike-commute, except for the whole smelling like old sweatsocks at work.

The lion-like part March finally got tamed this past Monday, just in time for daylight savings to commence. It's been gorgeous during the days, and even though a chill fog has been rolling in over the path in the evenings, it's been nice to get out after work. Fortunately, I have tomorrow off, so I don't have to worry about getting to work in the morning. The flip side of the time change is that it's really dark when I leave in the am.

Now here's hoping they'll figure out what's the up with the truck in time for me to pick it up sometime tomorrow so I can drive to Connecticut Saturday for basketball, ribs, and hockey.
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The Machinamobile needed some serious engine repairs, so I've been driving a rental for the past couple of weeks. I got the truck back Thursday, and I returned the Ford Fusion to Enterprise yesterday. Nice car, although it felt weird driving a sedan. OTOH, it had a six cylinder engine, so it had way more zip than I'm used to. It also had a stick shift, so that, along with the zip, took a little getting used to. Of course now I keep reaching for the stick when I want to put the truck in gear. All in all, with the rental on top of the repair bill, it was a very expensive week around these parts. That said, when I first heard the estimate for the repairs, I priced potential replacements. Repairing was a LOT cheaper.

My riding also suffered a little as a result of not having the truck to tote the bike around with, although I did strap on my old bike rack onto the rental last weekend. The weather was more to blame as, apart from one day last weekend, it stubbornly refuses to warm up much above 50°. Yesterday was gray, cold, and windy, and eventually it rained buckets. Today looks a little more promising, but a glance out my window shows the branches on the Bradford pear whipping around in the wind. Feh.

Found out* a piece of neighborhood news I somehow missed when it happened. Apparently someone was storing massive amounts of cocaine and cash in a storage locker just around the corner from me. Huh.

* When he found out where I lived, the kid who drove me home from Enterprise asked me what I thought of the drug raid, to which I replied, "What drug raid?"

Speaking of the Bradford pear above, it is just about to bloom, as are the rhododendrons and one of the krabappel trees. The forsythia popped out a day or two ago, and there are lots of daffodils on the south side of the house. The daffodils on the northern end of the property are getting close. OTOH, the dogwood and the second crab apple that I planted last September appear to be doing their best impressions of dead sticks. I hope that isn't true, but if it is, at least Lowe's has that one year guarantee on trees. I also started some tomato, squash, etc., plants a couple of weeks ago, and none have sprouted yet. I'll be patient, but I worry that my black thumb has come back with a vengeance.
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I'm sitting here with my coffee while waiting for the feeling to return to my toes. I rode my bike this morning, even though it was below freezing outside. It wasn't really my choice. I had to drop my truck off at the shop for some work (the heater stopped working this week, natch, among other things), and rather than hang around the waiting room for hours and hours, I figured I could tough out the ride back and forth.

It wasn't awful. I dressed properly, and apart from my toes (and around my eyes, early on) it was warm enough. Being early Saturday morning, there wasn't much traffic, and had it been warmer it would've been a pleasant ride.

The bike was less happy about things. It stays in the back of the truck when not in use, so it was very cold when I hauled it out. The biggest issue was that the rear derailleur wasn't moving at all, so I couldn't do any shifting with it, at least at first. The front derailleur worked, so I was able to use that to do very rough changes, and fortunately the first part of the ride was mostly flat. After a mile or so, the rear hub warmed up some, and the derailleur started working again. Sort of. There were still a few unannounced gear changes along the way. Anyway, I made it home (5½ mi), and the ride back should be a little warmer as it's supposed to get up into the forties today. As long as it's before sunset.

This morning's ride was the first time I'd been on the bike in almost a month. It's been too cold for comfort. I haven't been on the stationary bike much, either, which I need to change going forward.

Yikes! Just got a call from the shop. Repairs are going to be close to a grand (new radiator, new wheel bearing, new differential cover). Merry frelling Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I started in on my annual trufflemania. I had yesterday off, so since Thursday night I've managed to make 7 types of centers already, and I should be able to finish off the rest today, barring another unfortunate drop-the-cream-cheese-on-the-floor incident*. I may even start coating tomorrow. That's way ahead of where I usually am this time of year. On the other hand, I haven't even thought of a design for a Christmas card yet, much less begun production of same, so there's that.

* For family members who may happen to read this, no, I did not attempt to wipe it off and use it anyway. Even if it would've been fine, which it was when I had some of it on my toast this morning.

Also, with regards to truffles, I added one more flavor last year, but apparently never bothered to write it down, so here it is (the base recipe is here, and some additional flavors are here):

vanilla centers -

chips: white chocolate chips**
flavoring: 1½ tsp of French vanilla extract***

coating: milk chocolate

** A careful reading of the ingredient list for Nestle's Premier White Morsels (note the missing word) informs me that they do not, in fact, contain any chocolate or cocoa butter whatsoever.

*** For the record, French vanilla should not be a flavor. It's a style of vanilla ice cream made in the French manner, i.e., from an egg custard. That's why it's richer and yellower than normal vanilla ice cream, not from anything having to do with the vanilla itself. It really ought to apply only to ice cream. <Takes an ironic sip from his cup of French vanilla flavored coffee...>

Other stuff. I caught a bad cold the day before Thanksgiving, so I missed the family dinner for the first time in my life. That sucked. Took about ten days to finally shake the cold, too.

Toes have warmed up. Time to make some more truffles.
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It was an expensive evening. Drove up to Sears and got new tires, a new battery, and an oil change. The one plus was that my five year-old Die Hard was warranted for seven, so I got $36 bucks off the new one. I hadn't had my truck serviced at Sears since I got the battery. I used to go there all the time when I had my Subaru, mostly because the Sub went through a lot tires and Sears sells Bridgestones, and also because they're open in the evening. TirePros, where I usually get the truck serviced isn't open at night. Also, no batteries, and the truck desperately needed a new one. Twice in the last week it was stone dead when I tried to start it in the morning. Fortunately I picked up a portable jump start battery last year, and it paid off big time this week.

The biggest difference between going to Sears for service now as opposed to five years ago is that you used to be able to while away the waiting by wandering through the RI Mall. These days, though, the mall is a ghost town. Other than Sears, only a couple of storefronts remain occupied, and none of those are the usual mall chains that used to inhabit the place. The only place that was at all crowded wasn't even a store, but the local office of the motor vehicle registry. This isn't the fault of the economy, either. This particular mall has been withering on the vine for several years. There were only a couple of more stores open two years ago. It's as though the owner has been deliberately driving out his tenants.
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...my mind is on the blink.

Last Sunday it was cold and snowy. This weekend it was in the sixties and sunny (mostly).

Took the newly repaired truck* out to see bike shop guy yesterday. As expected, my rear wheel is still in pieces on his workbench, as it has been since last September,** so it looks like I'll be riding on his all-purpose loaner wheel for a little while longer. No big deal. Undismayed, I ordered a new set of tires for the Absolute (after 1500 miles the current set are getting a little thin), and we agreed that when I come in to pick up the tires in a couple of weeks, one of them will already be installed on the repaired wheel. The bike gets its annual tune-up at the same time, too.

* The Machinamobile had been spewing coolant for the last week or so, plus it sounds sort of, I dunno, whooshy. Took it up to the dealer yesterday, and they found that one of the metal pipes leading to the radiator had rotted out. $550. Sigh. And it still sounds whooshy, despite assurances that it was the cooling system making the noise.

** It's not that R isn't motivated, but, much like me, if some new shiny greasy object catches his eye, things get put aside, then forgotten. Actually, given the economy, I was pleasantly surprised to see that he's still in business. Especially since I still have a couple hundred bucks on my credit chit from the sale of the Widowmaker.

I took advantage of the weather to finally get some riding in, which is one reason why I'm so tired. Apart from a couple of very wet rides a month ago, the bike hasn't gotten any use for almost three months. It's also been so consistently cold outside that it's been ridiculously cold down in the basement, so I've barely touched the stationary bike, either.

Although there was still some snow melt here and there, the path was in way better shape. For one thing, there were no huge patches of ice with water atop them. Much of the path was bone dry. Yay! OTOH, there were huge numbers of speed bumps, i.e., large clusters of folk wandering along taking up as much of the path as they and their dogs could possibly manage. And then there were the family outings turned sour as Pop stands dead in the middle of the path trying to repair whatever is wrong with the tyke's bike as the rest of the family unit clusters around. Feh. Still, I managed a couple of 16 mile rides. It was nice to be out and about in not so chilly air for a change.***

*** It was lovely both mornings this weekend, sunny and 65°, but both days the clouds rolled in just about the time I was parking at Kingston Station.

Of course the other reason I'm tired is because I haven't done any riding in awhile. I was mostly fine last night, but I got very sleepy early on. I hit the sack around 10, tried to read a little, and was out quickly... And then tossed and turned most of the night as my muscles stiffened up. It got so bad the I was up for good at 5:30 EDT (aka 4:30, yesterday).**** I anticipate more of the same tonight, but this time there will be naproxen or ibuprofen beforehand.

**** I used the extra morning time to do my taxes. The fed has been e-filed. I need to pick up some state tax forms since no-one will e-file RI taxes for free at my age and income.

I love daylight savings time, and this year we get the longest stretch of DST possible. The second Sunday of March is as early as is possible, and the First Sunday in November is as late as possible. Now, if the weather would just cooperate and give us some reasonable evening temperatures for riding over the next few weeks, I'll be happy content no longer suicidal.

I'd give you everything I've got for a little peace of mind...

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I just went the entire month of January without ever seeing even a bit of my lawn. I can't ever recall having snow on the ground for an entire month. Coastal Rhody gets snow storms in winter, sure, and even an occasional blizzard, but the snow cover never lasts more than a couple of weeks. The temperature creeps up over freezing for a few days, there's some rain, and presto... The lawn reappears in all it brown and muddy glory. Not this year. I never thought I'd be happy to see February.

Yesterday we finally got a little respite as temps made it up into the mid-forties. I even considered going for a ride, but then it occurred to me that the bike path would likely be a river of melted snow. If it had been plowed in the first place. Instead, I replaced the broken third door handle on the truck with a much-better-than-the-cheap-plastic-original machined aluminum handle. That oughta last. I've been thinking about mailing the broken handle to the chairman of GM with a brief note as an object lesson as to why his company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

After that, I headed down to the basement to work on the stop block system for the radial arm saw, and accomplished quite a bit. I've been trying to get some stuff done down there all month, but it was just too damn cold. Saturday, the temperature down there was in the high forties. It's amazing how much warmer 55° feels to the fingers.

Other than that, I've mostly been parked in front of the computer playing Baseball Mogul. For the first time ever, in any game, I simmed a team for an entire season, managing all 162 games, plus the playoffs and World Series. I started just before Christmas, and finished last weekend. Now I'm about two thirds of the way through the following season, although I'm only managing about one game a series, and letting the computer sim the rest. I have some quibbles with the game, but it is fast.

I haven't ridden my bike since December 14th, the longest I've gone without riding in almost two years. It's not that I haven't wanted to. There's only been one day in all that time when it was above freezing without a lot of snow on the ground and I wasn't at work, and that was Christmas morning. I almost did then, but I would've been late for dinner. I assumed there'd be other days. Last year I managed to ride 50 miles in January. This year, nada. Feh.
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It's snowing again. At least the temperature is back up in the twenties.

Sunk costs: costs that cannot be recovered once they have been incurred.

Note to self: Never pre-register for a con until you get a look at the program, no matter what the discount is.  )

Speaking of sunk cost, the Dodgers released Andruw Jones last week, despite still owing him $22M. I have never seen a player fall off a cliff as badly as Andruw did last year. Most of the pitchers had better years with the bat than Andruw did. It is really bad when you tell a guy that, yeah, we still owe you a dumptruck full of money, but you have so little value as a ballplayer that we don't even want you on the bench.
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So, I finally found some energy to get out and about on my week off... and the truck's battery is mostly dead. It's chronic problem with the truck. Unlike my old Subaru, turning off the ignition in this thing does not turn off power to every system, especially the cigarette lighters/power jacks. Since I have a radar detector plugged into one of them, there's always a drain. Not a big deal when I'm driving back and forth to work every day, but in a week when I haven't driven since Tuesday, the drain adds up.

< Makes mental note to add one of these to wish list...>
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I finally took a good look at the truck, and there are a bunch of dents on the roof and hood from hailstone strikes. Bother. The fiberglass bed cover, at least, seems unscathed. There was a truck parked in the median of the highway into Quonset today with a sign on it advertising hail damage repair at a local body shop. Might be worth an inquiry. I don't think my insurance would cover it, though.

My last couple of bike rides have been longish. Rather than driving down to the bike path riding, I've started riding the bike to the path. It's about 7.5 miles from here to Kingston Station, so it's a 15 mile ride right off the bat, plus however much I ride on the path. Tonight it was 22 miles all told. The ride down Rt. 2 is easier than I thought it would be. Well, except for the wind. The road is modern and wide, with tall trees on both sides that seem to focus the wind like a wind tunnel. I've had the wind right in my face on both rides down to the path. It's like biking through molasses. The ride back is a bit tougher, mostly because one of the uphills is steeper. And of course by the time I started back, the wind had calmed some, so I got little benefit from what little tailwind there was.

Sunday I left thinking I had plenty of time to get back before the thunderstorms showed up. I started getting rained on at about the farthest point from my house on the entire ride. Fortunately, it was just a few wind blown drips. I didn't return via Rt. 2 on that ride, but instead took South Road up to Kingston proper, then took the back roads from there to Slocum and home, passing my old apartment in the process. The back road route is longer, but since I didn't double back on the bike path, overall it was a shorter ride, about 20 miles. As I rode down Slocum Road, I discovered that the drips I'd felt had come from a cell that had deluged Kingstom and Slocum. It wasn't raining when I got there, but I got soaked from the rooster tails my tires were throwing up as I rode.

I passed my pre-2007 personal best total mileage on Sunday's ride. Last year that didn't happen until the middle of August, so go me. Tonight I passed 600 miles for the year.

The critters have been out in force. Saturday there were death bunnies and death chipmunks dashing across the path. One chipmunk tried to make it between me and an oncoming rider. It just barely missed me, but as I passed the other rider, I heard the distinctive ping of something hitting a bicycle spoke. I stopped, as did the other woman, but the chipmunk had already vanished. I also saw three of the biggest birds I've ever seen take off as I got near to where they'd been clustered. At first I thought they were gigantic crows, but then I got a better look. They weren't crows, but turkey vultures. Another death critter bites the dust, apparently.

The road route has it's own set of critters. There's a dairy farm along the route, and twice as I've passed I've been chased by large dogs. That's not fun at all.
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Went up to Blackstone for my ride today. The weather was similar to yesterday, sunny, but windy and chilly. I wore my new full-fingered bike gloves, so my fingers were toasty warm. Makes a big difference. Of course, the law of conservation of memory required that since I'd remembered to bring the gloves, I'd forget something else. Today it was the bike computer. D'oh!

Progress... )

Finally got around to putting the lid back on the truck today. I took it off back in May to haul stuff. (I had plans to buy a shed kit, but once again I managed to overthink things to total inertia.) It was only supposed to be for the week, but not having the lid on made it easier to tote bicycles around, so I just left the soft tonneau cover on for the summer.

I gotta say that the NLCS has been enormously entertaining so far. The Rox just chased Livan Hernandez, but it was a tight game until the last two batters. I like TBS's coverage. Not crazy about Chip Caray, but the rest of the broadcast is so much better than the extravaganzas that Fox tries to make out their games. Makes for a nice change.
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Hot, hazy, and humid—summer has fully arrived. I had a lousy night of sleep. It was just too hot, and the fan was making too much noise. Need to think about hauling out the A/C today. I almost hate to do it this early. I didn't have to until mid-July last year.

I celebrated the start of a much needed vacation by driving down to Norwich last night to watch AA baseball, the Trenton Thunder at the Connecticut Defenders. (I'm not even going to get into what moron thought Connecticut Defenders would be a better name than Norwich Navigators, which is what the franchise used to be called. Oh, wait. I did.) Getting there wasn't half the fun. I figured it would take a little less than an hour, which would make it tight for a 6:35 game time given that I didn't get home from work until 5:30. I did not figure on either the Memorial Day traffic on the back roads of Rhode Island and Connecticut, nor the ridiculous traffic getting into the stadium. I mean, how often have you found yourself stuck behind a long line of cars on a country road because a motorcycle is putzing along at 10 mph below the limit. The game was well underway by the time I got to my seat. Bozhe moi!

Continued... )
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I am feeling wretched, much like the weather outside. It's partly that I'm still saddled with the cold that refuses to die (two weeks now), and partly because I got up at 2 in the morning to to watch an eBay auction end and never got properly back to sleep. I had gone to bed at about 9:30, so I'd had just enough sleep that when I got back into bed a half hour after getting up my body decided that there must be some sort of mistake, and my brain decided that my time would be better spent reviewing every moment of regret I've had in the last year or so. Fun stuff. When I finally did fall asleep a couple hours later, my dreams were all more of the same. I've never been happier to have to get up early to take the truck in for service. The $400 for new brakes was worth it to get my mind out of that space. At least I won the auction.

On the plus side, when I turned on the MLB feed this afternoon for the Dodgers game from Vero Beach, Vin Scully was doing the call for the first time this spring. I haven't been all that much into spring training this year. I have been listening to the games when I remember to turn them on, but without much enthusiasm. However, listening to Vin today while looking out the window at a world o'slush turned out to be way more cheering than I would've believed. I wasn't even paying all that much attention to the details of the game. It's all about the voice.


Nov. 21st, 2006 03:26 pm
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I justed watched them haul away my old Subaru. After years of procrastinating, I finally called the auto salvage yard to come get it. I damn near cried when they came. I drove that car for eleven and a half years, and loved it almost as much as my old Volkwagen Bus. Near the end, it was rusting away, and the electrical system was going. I only drove it once after I bought my truck. I meant to keep it a while longer as a back up, but I let it go too long between starts, and the next time I tried, the engine didn't catch. For the next four years it just sat in the driveway, acting as an occasional storage facility for me, and as an occasional home for yellowjackets.

I sat in it for a little while this morning, just remembering. One of the singular moments in my life happened in that car, and a lot of lesser moments, as well. I drove to Maine, and DC, and all sorts of places in between. It carried me to a zillion soccer and softball games. Looking back, I should've taken the $100 the dealer offered me for it in trade. I let it sit there in the driveway so long that it gradually sank about two inches into the macadam. Now there are four tire-shaped holes that I need to figure out how to patch.
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I spent over a grand getting the truck repaired yesterday. The drive train was making metal-on-metal noises that were rapidly getting worse, and it was vibrating as well, so that needed to get fixed. While it was at the dealer, I had them do a bunch of other little jobs, all of which turned out to be ridiculously expensive. They replaced the windshield wipers ($25), and the broken third-door latch ($100). The killer was the frelling ABS sensor that failed over a year ago. That was $450. Had I known that going in, I would've never even mentioned it. I actually prefer good old fashioned non-ABS brakes, which is what you have when the sensor isn't working. Scheduled maintenance was another $200. And the busted universal joint that was making all the noise? That was under $200, cheap at the price.

The door latch really bugs, because I probably could've gotten one at a junk yard for ten or twenty bucks. It's just this cheap piece of plastic that appears designed to fail. This is the first American car I've owned since, hmmm, twenty-five years or so, and I'm not at all impressed with the quality of GM's product. It's nice to look at, and usually rides nice, but there's a shoddiness beneath the surface. It's only got 62,000 miles on it. This is the second universal joint I've had to replace. I've already replaced the battery. The door latch snapped off in my hand. The weather stripping along the driver's door leaked like a sieve until I added a second strip. $450 for a frelling sensor?!? My beloved Subaru didn't start needing repairs like this until it was well past 100,000 miles. Next time I'll change my own damn wiper blades.

Anyway, that was yesterday. Tonight is a night for Mexican coffee, and quietly contemplating how nice it will be to see these clowns go out of business because they can't compete.
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Woke up early again. Sigh.

Sat in front of the computer for awhile, and then, since it was sort of not raining, I went outside to put the newly repaired tire back where it ought to be. While I had the shiny new jack out, and was going to be swapping tires anyway, I figured I might as well rotate the tires. The new jack is nice, but it really only makes this job mildly less onerous. Still I got it done, so I won't have to worry about it again for another six months. (I never did this particular bit of maintenance on the first set of tires on the truck, and the front tires wore out way faster than the rear. Live and learn.)
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So, it snowed a lot, although I don't think we got near as much as the panicky weatherdweebs were predicting for DeathSnow 2006™. It's hard to say because it drifted so much. I can still see grass sticking up in most of my front yard, although there are some deep drifts. Whatever, it gave me the chance to finally play with use my electric snow blower.

Much like the blizzard of 2005, the wind patterns made the job a lot easier. There was just a little snow on the stoop, and none on the walk or next to the cars. There was a small drift between the truck and the Subaru, and then about 8' of 15" deep snow pushed into the end of the driveway by the plows.

The blower worked pretty well for the most part. The snow was light and fluffy, so the blower didn't have to strain much to move it. Well, except that it was really too deep. I think about twelve inches deep is probably the limit. Anything deeper than that, and the exit ports are blocked, so it can't throw the snow properly, which strains the motor. Fortunately, it's not terribly heavy, about the same weight as a snow shovel with a good load of snow on it, so you can pick it up and skim off the top half of the snow, and then go back and do the bottom half normally. Of course, lifting something that weighs as much as a fully loaded snow shovel sort of defeats the whole purpose of having the snowblower in the first place. Since it's not self propelled, even pushing the thing takes about the same effort as plowing with a snow shovel. In the end, I still worked up a pretty good sweat.

Here's the thing, though. Even with the having to lift the thing to skim, it was still probably less strenuous than shoveling. If nothing else, I didn't have to lift the thing very high, nor did I have to throw any shovelfulls of snow onto big piles. I think a lot of the effort was because this was an exceptional storm. If it had been 6", instead, this thing would've made it a piece of cake. The only other snag I ran into was that 100' of extension cord just barely reaches to my mailbox, so I had to drag the cord diagonally across the snow to get it to reach so I could clear that out for the mail carrier.

I also learned that it doesn't do much good to throw the snow into the wind.

All in all, well worth the investment in its first major test.

At the tail end of the storm last night, I noticed a rescue vehicle drive up our street with its lights flashing. It stopped a few houses up, and it looked like they loaded the woman who lives there onto the gurney. I have no idea what happened, but she did come out of the house to get onto the gurney, and they had her sitting upright on it, so that's encouraging. This morning I noticed that there's a realtor's sign out in front of the house. It must have gone up Saturday afternoon, because it wasn't there when I drove by the house Saturday morning. That seems odd, because they just put an addition on the house last year.

In perfect timing news, I got new tires for the truck Saturday. Ummmm, traction...
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Tried to start my car this morning, but the battery was dead. Am currently awaiting the arrival of AAA to give me a jump.

It's wet, and rainy, and snowing out, but it's not that cold, and the battery is only about a year old. WTF? I had originally planned to take the car in for service last week, but blew it off. Silly me.


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