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So, it was -10°F outside when I got up this morning, just before sunrise. I don't recall ever seeing a colder morning. Just thought I'd mention it.
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It may be my cold-medication-induced haze, but it seems to me that marketing to carpool-lane-cheating perverts can't be a sensible strategy...

If you aren't familiar, Cumberland Farms is a chain of quickie marts here in the northeast.

Still sick. This cold is much nastier than the last. I started to feel a little better this morning, but now the hacking is killing me. Still hoping to drive home for dinner, but am not planning to be very social if I do go. The last thing I need to do is infect my folks with this bug. Bother.
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...and then you don't go camping.

I tried to put the best face on it after the accident, but it was wishful thinking. The bruise on my hip is healing well enough, but the right side of my chest still gives me grief every time I move my arm or take a deep breath or cough. It's mostly soreness, not shooting pain, but 'tis enough, 'twill serve. I started hauling stuff up from the basement to load the truck, and had no endurance. Even driving around to do a few errands earlier was uncomfortable. The truck does not give the smoothest ride. I imagined a nine hour ride by myself up to Canada, and decided no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't do it.

I was to share a site with Shane and Michelle, but the permit was in my name, so I went online and changed the reservation to their names so they can check in without me. Unfortunately, they're already staying elsewhere on the way, and I didn't have their cell number, so I had to find someone who had it. Took awhile. It's late now, so I will let them know in the morning. I did let others know I wouldn't be there.

I am feeling terribly sorry for myself right now. And totally decrepit. The last time fell off the bike I was hurt worse, and three days later was able to travel to Massachusetts for a week of training. That was only eight years ago. Now I feel like an old man. I was really looking forward to this trip, and I still have no idea what happened with the bike that caused me to lose control. It's as if some supernatural entity decide to reach down and stick out its foot as I rode past just to fuck with me.

And I can't even ride my bike to work off the aggravation. Feh!
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The view from my side door this morning:

Cold November

Bad Ideas

Sep. 1st, 2010 10:15 pm
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So here's the thing. I rarely post on Facebook anyway (and never on Twitter), and I'm certainly not going to crosspost either my entries or, especially, my comments in anyone else's posts from here to there. Please do me the same courtesy. Thanks, ever so.

I can see the utility in being able to crosspost entries if one is comfortable matching up their LJ personna with their FB one, much the same as many Dreamwidth inhabitants do with LJ. Although I've never gone out of my way to hide my real name here or over at b.org, I am not at all comfortable with that direct a connection, especially given FB's cavalier attitude towards privacy. And what I really don't get is why one would feel the need to to crosspost comments, which without the original entry or comment they are addressing are just nonsequiturs.

Lily White commented on DXMachina's LiveJournal post: "LOL!"

I also specifically disabled pingbacks (they are on by default), not that I ever do much backchannel, but who needs the potential agita? The point of a locked post is that only certain people can see it, and pingbacks breaks that rule. (Thanks to [livejournal.com profile] cofax7and [livejournal.com profile] serenada for the heads up on that part of this mess.)


The accumulation of rainy days and mechanical failures kept me from setting a fourth straight monthly best, but I still broke 250 miles for August, which is very good. I'm now also 10 miles ahead of my 2008 pace, which was my best riding year so far. Alas, no ride to start September off because I was at work until after dark rearranging the server nook in anticipation of it being enclosed into a server room whilst I'm on vacation next week.
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...So WTF is up with the frickin' weather?

June 21, 2009

Check the wind velocity. I'm pretty sure I just saw Margaret Hamilton float by my front window on a bicycle. Meanwhile, my iGoogle weather widget is telling me that the winds are from the SE at 6 mph. Not bloody likely.

It was like this yesterday, as well, although not nearly as windy. I was going to take a ride around threeish, but decided to check the weather first. There was a huge patch of green just starting at the RI/CT border on the radar map, so I figured it would hit us within the hour and opted forego the ride. When it still wasn't raining by four, I took another look, and the patch hadn't moved. Same thing at five. It finally started raining as I was lighting the grill for dinner around 6:30. Is it any wonder people hate meteorologists? Even when they are just robot sensors they lie like expensive Persian rugs.

In garden news, the potted gardenia I bought at Schartner's last week is currently laying on its side on the front steps, with the bottom of the pot pointed into the wind. Even the flora are hunkering down. In the tomato patch, the tomatoes seem to be doing well, and the spaghetti squash seeds I planted a week ago or so are now robust little seedlings. On the other hand (you know, the one with the black thumb), the musk melons are deader than things that are dead. The first inch or so of stem nearest the ground just shriveled away. I had something similar happen to the melons plants I put out last year, too, so I suspect some sort of plant disease is occurring.

When I got the gardenia, Schartner's was clearing a lot of stuff out, so I also bought a pot of some sort of daisies, and a pot with some sort of alleged perennial that looks suspiciously like marigolds. I also bought a couple of packs of marigolds. The daisies went into the one spot at the top of the driveway where last year's pansies didn't come back. The marigolds and marigold-like flowers went into the circle around the cherry tree.
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Sci Fi Channel Has a New Name: Now, It’s Syfy

Plans call for Sci Fi and its companion Web site (scifi.com) to morph into the oddly spelled Syfy — pronounced the same as “Sci Fi” — on July 7. The new name will be accompanied by the slogan “Imagine Greater,” which replaces a logo featuring a stylized version of Saturn.

I remember being dumbstruck when Esso became Exxon. The scary thing here is that someone at NBC paid some consultant a metric shitload of money to come up with this. When HP split off its scientific division they paid a million bucks or so to whomever it was that came up with "Agilent." It was supposed to hint that the new company would be an agile version of Lucent. Of course, Lucent went into the toilet not long after, obscuring the reference. Now the only thing Agilent reminds one of is that it sort of rhymes with flatulent.

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"A social networking site has deleted most of its users over the age of 36 because it claims older users pose a danger of sex offending. It claims to be forced into the action by the Government, but the part of a law it cites is not yet in force.

"Faceparty has deleted what it describes as 'a huge number of accounts' from its social networking site in recent weeks. It lists 'over 36 years old' as one of its reasons for deletion.

"'We understand that only a minority of older users are sex offenders, but you must understand that we cannot tell which,' it says in its explanation of the deletion of accounts."



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