Jul. 18th, 2013 07:23 am
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So, I was loading up the last couple of things onto the truck for my trip to Maine, and I was feeling pretty good about things. No weird accidents or illnesses to prevent me from going camping for the first time in 11 years. And then...

As I was walking out the side door carrying the cooler with the soda and beer and other beverages in it, I stumbled. Not badly, just enough so I fell a bit to my left. My left arm hit the little hunk of sharp metal that passes for a door latch on modern storm doors. It hurt, but I not that badly, so I continued on and loaded the cooler into the back of the truck. Then I looked at my arm — ripped wide open, about an inch and a half long cut, and bleeding profusely.

Washed it off, put on a big ass bandage, and loaded the last couple of items on the truck, then headed off for the local urgent care facility... which doesn't open until eight (it was 6:30 when I got there). So I got some ice for the cooler, stopped at Allie's for donuts, and came home to wait for eight*.

* I thought about going to a hospital ER, but the two closest hospitals are each about a half hour away anyway, and the bleeding seems under control.

Sometimes it really sucks to be me.

Too Cold...

Nov. 7th, 2010 08:47 pm
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It is a cold day in November. The lying meteorologists said it would be sunny and around 50° both days this weekend. Around these parts we did get a sunny afternoon yesterday, but it never did get much above 45, and today was gray as a battleship, and if it broke forty, it wasn't by much. Oh yeah, and it was windy. Again.

When the sun popped out yesterday I decided to go for a ride. It wasn't much fun. My legs were tired and sore for no good reason I can discern, and the wind was dead in my face on the inbound legs of the ride. And it was cold. I dressed warmly enough, but my toes started stinging from the cold midway through the second lap, and I still don't have a satisfactory way to keep my ears warm. The ear clamp keeps them warm, but it's uncomfortable. Yesterday I wore a headband, which is comfortable, but tends to creep up and off my ears as time goes on. Also, it's hard to wear a cap while wearing a headband, so there's no visor to keep the glare of the sun, now inconveniently low in the sky, out of my eyes. Harrumph.

The other thing is that the bike is tuned for temps around 75-80°. You drop the temperature 30° or so, and the metal contracts a little, and tolerances shift a little bit, and occasionally the gears don't change when you click the shifter. It's a minor annoyance to be sure, although the one time when the chain decided to slip a link was decidedly more than annoying, but add it to hurting toes and it makes for a lousy ride.

It's weird. I used to enjoy the challenge of riding in colder weather. Right now it's more annoying than challenging.

And as a measure of how annoying it was, today rather than heading to the bike path, I went down to the basement and did 20 minutes on my stationary bike instead. I mean, I actively dislike riding the stationary bike. It's boring, and saddle is uncomfortable. I can read a book whilst pedaling, something I can't very well do on a regular bike*, but it's sort of like trying to read while strap-hanging on a subway. Even so, that was my preferred option today.

* I may not be able to read on my bike, but when the path is empty I can amuse myself by pedaling along no-handed while mimicking Artie's hand movements from his "Dancing with Myself" number on Glee. Riding outdoors is rarely boring.

Not quite two hours later...

Sleet is bouncing off my front window. Kill me now...
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So... I slept until 7:30 and got a reasonably good night's sleep, 9 hours in bed all told, although I was in and out for the last three hours or so. When I went to bed, it was still pretty mild out, and it was till pretty warm in the house, so I replaced my heavy blanket with a lightweight one. When first I woke up at 4:30 I was chilly, I I switched them back. As I was doing this I started shivering like crazy. Got under the covers and was snug. Half an hour later I was up again and sweating because it was still, like 65° in the house and I had the heavy blanket on. This kept up for the rest of the night.

No fever when I woke up and I felt much better. I still called into work to make sure I didn't infect anyone, but it did sort of feel like I was playing hooky, at least at first. I even logged in to my work machine to complete a task I'd planned to get done today. As the day wore on I started feeling crappy again, but still no fever, and I vaguely thought about taking a quick bike ride (although good sense prevailed there). Now the fever's back, although I suspect it's mostly the bump from having dinner (starve a fever, remember), because it's already dropping. Still, I guess I'm not as over it as I thought.

Which sucks.

I toted up the symptoms, and it's definitely one flu or another. I have or have had muscle aches, fever, mild wooziness, chills, and dry cough. No sore throat or nasal congestion. Of course, since I felt better for most of the day I never bothered to call the doctor. Will do so first thing tomorrow... unless I feel better in the morning.

I tried to take a nap, but apparently I missed my nap window. I was really tired around 3:30, but when I finally lay down around 5, nothing. The sun had set, so it was dark, and it was quiet. I lay there for half an hour with my eyes closed, but nothing. Nap insomnia, which needs its own word, you know. Nappish disfunction. Disnappthia.
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I just went the entire month of January without ever seeing even a bit of my lawn. I can't ever recall having snow on the ground for an entire month. Coastal Rhody gets snow storms in winter, sure, and even an occasional blizzard, but the snow cover never lasts more than a couple of weeks. The temperature creeps up over freezing for a few days, there's some rain, and presto... The lawn reappears in all it brown and muddy glory. Not this year. I never thought I'd be happy to see February.

Yesterday we finally got a little respite as temps made it up into the mid-forties. I even considered going for a ride, but then it occurred to me that the bike path would likely be a river of melted snow. If it had been plowed in the first place. Instead, I replaced the broken third door handle on the truck with a much-better-than-the-cheap-plastic-original machined aluminum handle. That oughta last. I've been thinking about mailing the broken handle to the chairman of GM with a brief note as an object lesson as to why his company is on the verge of bankruptcy.

After that, I headed down to the basement to work on the stop block system for the radial arm saw, and accomplished quite a bit. I've been trying to get some stuff done down there all month, but it was just too damn cold. Saturday, the temperature down there was in the high forties. It's amazing how much warmer 55° feels to the fingers.

Other than that, I've mostly been parked in front of the computer playing Baseball Mogul. For the first time ever, in any game, I simmed a team for an entire season, managing all 162 games, plus the playoffs and World Series. I started just before Christmas, and finished last weekend. Now I'm about two thirds of the way through the following season, although I'm only managing about one game a series, and letting the computer sim the rest. I have some quibbles with the game, but it is fast.

I haven't ridden my bike since December 14th, the longest I've gone without riding in almost two years. It's not that I haven't wanted to. There's only been one day in all that time when it was above freezing without a lot of snow on the ground and I wasn't at work, and that was Christmas morning. I almost did then, but I would've been late for dinner. I assumed there'd be other days. Last year I managed to ride 50 miles in January. This year, nada. Feh.
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Actually, Saturday was mostly okay. I took the bike down to the shop to have the new derailleur swapped in. Wonder of wonders there was no line of customers out the door this time around. Bikeshop!guy did the switch in about ten minutes while I chatted with Mrs. Bikeshop!guy as she assembled a mountain bike. He took the still-almost-new old derailleur in trade for the new one, and didn't charge me for labor either, so I bought a backup tire tube and a new pair of bike gloves (on clearance for $5!) so I could pay him for something. <foreshadowing>I should've bit the bullet and bought a bike computer, too, but I didn't.</foreshadowing>

Vanishing roads... )

Vanishing time... )

Vanishing money... )
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I am feeling wretched, much like the weather outside. It's partly that I'm still saddled with the cold that refuses to die (two weeks now), and partly because I got up at 2 in the morning to to watch an eBay auction end and never got properly back to sleep. I had gone to bed at about 9:30, so I'd had just enough sleep that when I got back into bed a half hour after getting up my body decided that there must be some sort of mistake, and my brain decided that my time would be better spent reviewing every moment of regret I've had in the last year or so. Fun stuff. When I finally did fall asleep a couple hours later, my dreams were all more of the same. I've never been happier to have to get up early to take the truck in for service. The $400 for new brakes was worth it to get my mind out of that space. At least I won the auction.

On the plus side, when I turned on the MLB feed this afternoon for the Dodgers game from Vero Beach, Vin Scully was doing the call for the first time this spring. I haven't been all that much into spring training this year. I have been listening to the games when I remember to turn them on, but without much enthusiasm. However, listening to Vin today while looking out the window at a world o'slush turned out to be way more cheering than I would've believed. I wasn't even paying all that much attention to the details of the game. It's all about the voice.
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It was a weird week. I alternated between working on various projects with a vengeance, and moping about my wretched existence. And in the midst of all that were my birthday and Thanksgiving.

Life and then some... )
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In the "Ding, Dong, the Witch Is Dead" number in the Wizard of Oz, there a bunch of Munchkin soldiers marching about in time to the music, and I was just wondering why they were there. The Witch of the East had ruled Munchkinland. Were the soldiers the ones who rounded up any Munchkins that stepped out of line? Why else would there be soldiers? And what happened after Dorothy danced down the yellow brick road? Did the rest of the Munchkins exact rough mob justice upon their oppressors? And where exactly does the red brick road go?

Perhaps I'm overthinking...

(And yes, I have read Wicked.)

Not a good night last night. Overdid it yesterday, and the body stiffened up badly as I tried to sleep. I finally gave up around 5, after narrowly escaping from a dream where someone played by Sean Bean was about to stick a knife in me, and got up. At least that meant I was one of the first in line at one of the Dept. of Health's roaming flu shot clinics. That was at 8 in Wickford. I wanted to run down to the Shaw's in Wakefield, which I thought didn't open until 9, so I had some time to kill. It was raining, but I decided to take the long way around, driving down "scenic 1A" for the first time in, like, years. I followed 1A all the way down the coast until I got to Pt. Judith lighthouse, then I cut over to a near deserted Galilee before finally heading back northwards to Wakefield. It's been so long, I'd forgotten how empty the shore is in the off season. Empty beaches and no traffic at all.

In my travels, I managed to drive by all but one of the places I've lived since the ex tossed me out (I've lived on or very near a lot of main roads), which was a depressing thing. Not so much about the tossing out part, but rather that given a chance to start my adult life over, I have so little of value (to me) to show for it since.

The rest of the day was a mixed bag. I made soup. I applied another coat of primer to the door down in the basement. I also managed to collapse the table that I had all sorts of mostly clean laundry on down there, dumping a good bit of it on the very dirty floor. Bother. I decided to spend the rest of the day watching TV while playing Spider Solitaire on the "difficult" setting. On the plus side, the spot on my arm where they gave me the flu shot doesn't seem to be the least bit tender. Now I'm worried it was a placebo.
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Am at work, where there is power and internet access, and I have nothing better to do than spam my LJ.

Lost power at the house around quarter to one. Just before that I'd discovered that not only was there water in the usual spot down in the basement, but the rain was also being driven though windows and dripping into the kitchen and the back room. The water in the back room was dripping onto my bed.

Anyway, I moved the bed, and laid down some towels in the back room to sop up the water. The kitchen wasn't much of a problem because the sink is right below the window. Down in the basement I peeled back the indoor-outdoor rug, set up the box fan, and cranked the dehumidifier to 11. Five minutes later the power went down. I sat for a bit to contemplate my frelling blessings, then read for a little while, but decided that by far the best thing I could possibly do when the universe has decided yet again to make a punching bag of me would be to take a nap. Except I couldn't fall asleep. As I lay on the couch not napping, there was this huge burst of wind, followed by a loud crack. I got up and looked out. Sure enough, half of my next door neighbor's Bradford pear was lying in the street.

It took me about an hour and a half from when the power went out to go completely stir crazy. I decided to head into work. On the way I saw all sorts of interesting stuff. Singin' in the Rain... )

[5:10 p.m.]: And now to get some take-out and head home to see if the power's back on yet.


Sep. 13th, 2006 09:21 am
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Am stupid. No, am dumber than stupid.

The nice appliance repairman just left having fixed my oven. It hasn't worked since February 2005 or so, but I just now got around to calling someone to look at it. It wouldn't light. I assumed that one of the dowhatzzers that range manufacturers install to prevent me from filling the house with gas had decided that it was never going to allow any gas into the oven ever again. Like maybe it had a depression sensing feature. Anyway, for the last year and a half I made do. I rarely bake. I made ATK's skillet lasagna. I baked pizzas on the grill.

Finally I made an appointment. $97 to diagnose and for any labor. Parts would be extra. Much cheaper than a new range. He showed up bright and early, and I introduced him to the Gibson and explained what was not happening. He took a quick look, twisted the temperature knob, looked up at the back panel, and then muttered a very depressed sounding "Oh, boy..." There are two knobs on the back panel. One controls the clock/timer, and it's situated in such away that I'm constantly hitting it accidently, setting off the very annoying and loud buzzer. I never paid any attention to the other knob to the right of it, the "Timed Bake" knob. It was pointing at "Off." He turned it to "Manual," then turned the temperature control knob. Of course, it lit right up. Apparently, the buzzer isn't the only knob I've accidently hit.

So, I now owed him $97 for showing me that I'm the dumbest person on Earth. To add a little value to the deal, he checked the oven calibration, and it was fine. Then he pointed out that at least I didn't have to buy any parts for a seventeen year-old range. Le sigh...
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Foot still hurts, and will probably hurt for a good long while, because that's what plantar fasciitis likes to do. Pedaling does help to ease the pain for a bit, so we'll see how that goes. I rode again yesterday, but skipped today to let the legs recover. Will try again tomorrow, weather permitting.

Otherwise I didn't do a whole lot this weekend. I painted the plastic wood I bought to replace the rotten corner boards on the east corner of the house. It was very gratifying to discover that 4 year-old housepaint left over from the last paint job was still viable, because it looked like crap when I opened the cans. Next weekend I should be ready get out the ladder and take a wrecking bar to the corner. I also finally figured out what to do about the front porch lights (it's only been a year or so), so that may be on the agenda, too.

Mostly I stayed inside to avoid the heat. I fiddled with scenery in Flight Simulator, then discovered that even with the a/c going, it's too warm in the house to actually fly anything because the strain the simulator puts on the CPU keeps overheating the frelling thing. Apparently I've been running it very close to the processor's safe limit (85°C), and the fact that it's ten degrees warmer than normal in here is just enough to tip it up and over. Bother. A couple of sites I've looked at seem to indicate that updating the BIOS will help to some extent, so I went to try it, but the process requires a floppy disk, and I didn't have one I trusted handy. I must remember to grab one from work tomorrow. I'll also take a ride up to CompUSA and pick up another cooling fan.

Now to bed, because I'm sleepy. One of the many things I hate about my life lately is that during the week, I can sleep until the alarm wakes me at 6:40, regardless or when I went to bed. Not only do I sleep until the alarm, but given how I feel when the alarm goes off, I could probably sleep much longer. Come the weekend, though, I wake up before six, and can't get back to sleep. Even if I don't fall asleep until well after midnight, as I did last night. At least tonight I can go to sleep knowing that I probably won't wake up for good until twenty of seven.
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Well crap. It rained constantly and heavily both Saturday and Sunday, so we never did go to the air show. Apparently it was open both days, but only a few of the flyers went up, mostly the fly-bys as opposed to the aerobats. The Thunderbirds stayed on the ground. Woe.

So there we were, the three of us stuck in the house with nothing to do but watch TV. We tried coming up with other stuff to do, but everything we thought of involved us wandering around outside in the rain at least part of the time, and that just didn't appeal. Alex and I fooled around with FS2004 for awhile, and probably could've gone longer, but D started going stir crazy with the boredom. Just to get out of the house, we drove over to Lowes to browse home improvement stuff. We followed that up by wandering through BJs for awhile. Yep.

Today we watched DVDs, then went down to Point Judith for dinner, figuring that practically anyone who'd come down to the shore for the weekend would be long gone. We were right. It turned out the state even closed the beaches today. Came back, watched another DVD, and now Alex and D are on their way back to Jersey.

If it wasn't for bad luck, I'd have none at all.
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I can just tell.

I walked out the door to discover I had a flat tire on the truck. While swapping it with the spare, the strap on my watch came loose, and the watch landed on the driveway, breaking the crystal. I have a couple of other watches, but they both need batteries, so I am watchless. Once I got the spare on, I hustled on into work, because we were expecting visitors from the Very Important Government Agency, only to find out that they blew us off. Bozhe moi.
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• That there's water in my basement due to all the rain we've had this week.

• That I suck at cutting mattes.

Answers to the favorite characters meme, the ones nobody got...

3. Thunderbirds - Scott Tracy
5. X-Men - Havok (Alex Summers. A minor character to be sure, but I loved what Neal Adams did with him.)
6. Lord of the Rings - Eowyn (mostly due to Miranda Otto)
8. The Mote in God's Eye - Kevin Renner (A favorite character type - the competent smart aleck. See also Archie Goodwin and Wash.)
10. Star Trek DS9 - Dukat (for most of the series, NSM at the end)
11. Babylon 5 - Susan Ivanova
13. The Honorverse - Shannon Foraker (Another minor character, but the one who provided my favorite moment in the entire series.)
14. Farscape - Chiana
16. Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Anya
17. Andromeda - Rommie
19. Powers - Christian Walker

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It is eleventy bazillion degrees in my office, the Coke machine is shortchanging me a nickle every time I buy a can of soda, and I had to talk to a salesman on the phone.

OTOH, it was free pizza for lunch day, so things don't totally suck.


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