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Boshe moi, the pollen vortex is frackin' killing me.

March finally showed up on April 1st, and for the past few days April has been trying to shove it out of the way with a vengeance. On one hand, I was finally able to ride my bike two days in a row. On the other hand, I am wheezing like a patient in a TB ward. I hate to think what it would be like without the zyrtek, because even with it, boosted by some diphenhydramine, my mucus membranes are still running overtime on histamine production.

I had the windows open for the first time yesterday. Did I mention I had all the windows except the ones in the front replaced? Back in January, when it was 7 °F outside. Cold as it was, at least I could breathe.

I never did see any crocuses this year, although the daffodils and tulips have sprouted. I'm worried about the two krabapple trees in the front yard. Neither has shown any signs of life yet. They're both a few years old, so it's not like this was their first winter. The branches still seem fairly flexible, so at least there's some moisture in there.
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Am in Maine, at my campsite using the campground's free wireless. What a world with such wonders in it.

The arm wound turned out not to be a laceration, but a flaying. The good news, no stitches. The bad news, no skin for a couple o'weeks. It is well bandaged*, and when I went hiking today I covered the whole thing with an ace bandage, too. Took an hour and a half to do this, most of it involving me listening in as the doctor was trying to remove the tips of the poor guy in the next examining room's hearing aids, which turned out to be well and truly stuck. He eventually had to be sent to a real ER**.

* I told the nurse I was going camping, so she wrapped me up with gauze and gave me some extra gauze and dressings.

** Word to the wise — don't have your hearing aid fitted by the students at the URI Audiology Department...

It is way cooler here than in Rhody, so I am happy. Even the thundershower last night didn't cause any problems once I got the tarp up over the tent. Expecting more thundershowers tomorrow, but followed by an actual cold front, so even better.


Jul. 18th, 2013 07:23 am
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So, I was loading up the last couple of things onto the truck for my trip to Maine, and I was feeling pretty good about things. No weird accidents or illnesses to prevent me from going camping for the first time in 11 years. And then...

As I was walking out the side door carrying the cooler with the soda and beer and other beverages in it, I stumbled. Not badly, just enough so I fell a bit to my left. My left arm hit the little hunk of sharp metal that passes for a door latch on modern storm doors. It hurt, but I not that badly, so I continued on and loaded the cooler into the back of the truck. Then I looked at my arm — ripped wide open, about an inch and a half long cut, and bleeding profusely.

Washed it off, put on a big ass bandage, and loaded the last couple of items on the truck, then headed off for the local urgent care facility... which doesn't open until eight (it was 6:30 when I got there). So I got some ice for the cooler, stopped at Allie's for donuts, and came home to wait for eight*.

* I thought about going to a hospital ER, but the two closest hospitals are each about a half hour away anyway, and the bleeding seems under control.

Sometimes it really sucks to be me.
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It's truffle time again at Casa Machina! I've put up 16 dozen or so truffle centers so far, and should finish off the last four batches of centers (about 9 dozen) today. Then it's time to dip.

There was a short snag when I went to look up my truffle recipes. I store them here on Livejournal so that I won't lose them, but LJ was down, and past experience has shown that they could be MIA for days. Now I have the basic mix committed to memory, so I tried to soldier through and make a batch of mocha truffles from memory. Turns out my memory of the details was faulty, as I discovered a couple of hours later when LJ came back. Fortunately, no harm was done. I used incorrect settings whilst melting the chocolate in the microwave, but my habit of checking the progress a lot caught the mistake before I scorched the chocolate. And mixing up tsps of coffee powder with tbsps yielded deep chocolate rather than mocha truffles, which were on the list anyway.

I saved a copy of the recipes to a text file so that I won't have this issue again. The irony here is that normally I am totally against storing info in the cloud, yet I have this huge blind spot when it comes to my recipes, all of which are here in LJ and occasional scraps of hard to find paper.

Some observations of the universe... )

I baked bread today, or rather, I took a bread recipe and made hard rolls with it, just to see how they'd work out. Just came out of the oven, so we shall see shortly.

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Didn't make it to down to Jersey yesterday for Thanksgiving. My cough was just too bad. That's twice now in three years I've been too sick to make the trip, and it's getting a little frustrating. And despite knowing it was likely I'd have to make my own Thanksgiving dinner, I didn't bother to go out Wednesday night to get a roaster of some sort and associated foods. So dinner was some frozen chicken thighs baked on top of cornbread stuffing. I made the cornbread from scratch, so that's something, but no cranberry sauce, and no sausage in the stuffing. It was fine. Maybe I'll do something better Sunday.

This is the weirdest cold. If I hadn't had a flu shot I'd swear it was the flu*. Not much nasal congestion or sore throat, but I'm still woozy here on the sixth day and it's totally rototilled my lungs. The fever and associated aches have mostly broken at least.

* I keep flashing back on an old Law and Order episode where a bunch of people died because some doctor decided to buy really cheap flu vaccine that turned out to be saline solution. It was one of Jack McCoy's famous "depraved indifference" cases.

With nothing better to do, I've been rummaging through the DVD collection and watching movies, something I rarely do anymore. Comedies, mostly. So far, I have watched Hogfather, The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming, Chicken Run, What's Up Doc?, Lilo & Stitch, and Lilies of the Field, although I dozed off early on during the last. I've also been catching up on The Big Bang Theory, a show I never really got into before.
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It may be my cold-medication-induced haze, but it seems to me that marketing to carpool-lane-cheating perverts can't be a sensible strategy...

If you aren't familiar, Cumberland Farms is a chain of quickie marts here in the northeast.

Still sick. This cold is much nastier than the last. I started to feel a little better this morning, but now the hacking is killing me. Still hoping to drive home for dinner, but am not planning to be very social if I do go. The last thing I need to do is infect my folks with this bug. Bother.
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For the second time in a month, I am sick. Low fever this time with associated achiness along with congestion. I was freezing for most of the afternoon, then took some dayquil and as the tylenol started reducing the fever started roasting beneath all the layers. A couple hours later I appear to have reached temperature equilibrium, at least for the time being. I had a flu shot a couple months ago, so it's probably not flu, just something obnoxious picked up at the elementary school where we play volleyball. I should probably buy some hand sanitizer for Thursday nights.

Looking out my living room window I spotted two separate tufts of down stuck to the outside, the remnants of a real life angry birds attack. Poor bruised birdies. I get bird strikes on my picture windows quite often. I'm not sure if there's anything I can do about that.

Things that take me out of stories, item the first:

Note to the writers of Law & Order SVU: Bernardsville New Jersey is pronounced BERnerdsville, not berNARDSville. I rarely watch SVU, but I caught a bit of an interrogation while channel surfing.

Things that take me out of stories, item the second:

Not so much a pronunciation issue, but the characters on NCIS (original recipe) would never refer to highway route numbers as "the 95." McGee does this all the time, and yet his entire family appears to live close to DC. The proper shortcut term back east is either Route 95, I-95, or just plain old 95. The only exceptions to this rule are named highways: the Turnpike, the Parkway, the Deegan, etc., and the Beltway if one wants a DC specific example.

And then there are historical inaccuracies in non-fiction... )

Talked to my folks tonight. They were 13 days without power. The generator was a good idea, at least until they ran out of gas for it. They had to throw out all their perishables. Jane, who lives way out in the sticks, was without power for even longer. Yikes!
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Am slowly but surely recovering from my injuries. I still have some pain in my obliques, mostly in one spot. My thigh is still various shades of black and blue, but is now fading to reds and yellows, much like a sunset after a storm, and the giant lump at the point of impact is shrinking.

I started riding the bike again on Sunday, albeit much mess vigorously than usual. I started to ride the Fuji, but had to call it off when I noticed that the wheel was out of true. I rode the 3-speed instead.

I don't think the wheel was jolted out of true by the accident. One of the spokes was broken, and I don't see how it could have been simply be me falling off the bike. It takes a much harder jolt to the wheel to do that. Rather I think I probably broke it earlier, hitting a sinkhole or something on the path, and that the wheel starting to go out of true is what actually caused the accident.

I noticed that the wheel was out of true because it had started hitting one of the brake pads on every revolution. The accident occurred because the brakes caught much faster than expected when I started to slow down for the intersection. If the wheel was hitting the brake pad, or getting near to it as it began to warp, that could explain what happened.

I took the wheel up to Providence Cycle in Warwick, where my bike mechanic now works, and had it back the same day. I do tend to break spokes on the rear wheel, a combination of my weight and my preferred tire pressure that makes the rear wheel, especially, unforgiving of sudden jolts. I need to remember to check the wheel before a ride to make sure I'm not starting off with a broken spoke or two.
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...and then you don't go camping.

I tried to put the best face on it after the accident, but it was wishful thinking. The bruise on my hip is healing well enough, but the right side of my chest still gives me grief every time I move my arm or take a deep breath or cough. It's mostly soreness, not shooting pain, but 'tis enough, 'twill serve. I started hauling stuff up from the basement to load the truck, and had no endurance. Even driving around to do a few errands earlier was uncomfortable. The truck does not give the smoothest ride. I imagined a nine hour ride by myself up to Canada, and decided no matter how much I wanted to, I couldn't do it.

I was to share a site with Shane and Michelle, but the permit was in my name, so I went online and changed the reservation to their names so they can check in without me. Unfortunately, they're already staying elsewhere on the way, and I didn't have their cell number, so I had to find someone who had it. Took awhile. It's late now, so I will let them know in the morning. I did let others know I wouldn't be there.

I am feeling terribly sorry for myself right now. And totally decrepit. The last time fell off the bike I was hurt worse, and three days later was able to travel to Massachusetts for a week of training. That was only eight years ago. Now I feel like an old man. I was really looking forward to this trip, and I still have no idea what happened with the bike that caused me to lose control. It's as if some supernatural entity decide to reach down and stick out its foot as I rode past just to fuck with me.

And I can't even ride my bike to work off the aggravation. Feh!
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Feeling at bit better today. I took a long nap yesterday which helped. My side is still very sore, though. Walking isn't a problem, despite the massive bruise on my hip. Bending and stretching and reaching with my right arm are. I've been able to lift things without escalating anything, so there is nothing structurally wrong, but the obliques and upper chest muscles complain mightily.

I still need to get ready to go camping, so I did a little more of my equipment inventory. Thank goodness that I checked out the tent and air mattress situation last week instead of waiting. Most of what's left is much easier to handle.

That said, why do I have five, count 'em five, camp lanterns? One is fueled by propane gas and will provide exterior light for the campsite. That's fine. Then there's the brand new LED lantern that I picked up the other day because LEDs are the coming thing. They don't run through batteries the way fluorescent tubes do. The thing is that when I bought that one, I thought I had at most two other battery-powered lanterns, the larger of which was in pieces on my workbench because I'd left the batteries inside it for too long and they'd corroded. Turns out I had three, all using fluorescent tubes, one small four-battery lamp, and two large eight-battery lamps. I don't remember the second large lantern at all. It's a larger version of the small fluorescent, so maybe I elided the two, but for the life of me I can't see why I ever thought I needed it. It's not like I need more than two lanterns in the tent (one to hang up, and one down next to the mattress).

Anyway, I finished cleaning the corrosion out of the other large lantern, and then I tested all of them. They all work, but I don't have enough batteries on hand to run all of them, so one of the big ones will stay home, I think.

Still trying to decide what sporting gear to bring. I doubt I'll be ready to swing a golf club a hundred times or more by Saturday, so I'll probably leave the clubs home. I doubt I'll be ready to play tennis, either, but a tennis racquet is neither heavy nor bulky, so that'll probably come. I'll still bring a bike, because that doesn't require the extreme upper body motion that the other items do. I need to swap out the road tires for hybrids, because the nearby bike trail is unpaved. I had thought about bringing the old Univega since it not only has hybrid tires, but I also have a set of wider tires for it. So I swapped in the wide tires about a week ago and took it for a spin. Boy, did it ever ride like a pig. It's a heavy bike to begin with, and the wide tires make it worse. Plus the rear derailleur needs adjusting badly. It kept changing gears on me without me touching the shifter. So I hung it back up on its storage hooks for another time.

What I will do instead is take the slick, thin road tires off the Fuji and substitute the knobbly hybrids that I took off the Univega. They're only slightly wider than the Fuji's road tires, so they should fit on the narrower rims well enough. We'll see. I'll try that tomorrow when I'm a little more healed.
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...I fell off the damn bike.

Had an accident today. Unlike last time, I don't really know what happened. I was on the path approaching a little trafficked cross road. I saw a car coming, so I braked. It wasn't an emergency braking situation. I had plenty of warning and plenty of distance available to stop. Next thing I know I was tumbling forward and to the right, as though the front brake had locked. I managed to maintain enough control to aim for the grass along side the path, and I mostly did land there. It's been very dry here, so even the grassy area was hard as a rock as my right side hit it, but at least it wasn't pavement.

I was still a good fifteen feet or more short of the intersection. The fall and the pain in my side stunned me. The car stopped, and the guys in it came over to see if I was okay. So did some other cyclists. As my head started to clear I did an inventory, and nothing seemed to be broken, just some muscle pain in my oblique area, and some scrapes on my knee. They stayed with me for awhile, but eventually I thanked them all and let them go about their business. I was only a few hundred yards from the parking lot, so I rode there, and found that it wasn't too bad, so I continued on with my ride and did a second lap. My side hurt a little, but it wasn't that bad, and I knew it would hurt a lot more once it stiffened up*.

* I was totally right about that, too.

I really wanted to finish the ride because when I went down I was 2.5 miles short of my all time mileage record for a single month. So far I've managed to set a new monthly mileage record every month this year, and this was going to be the Best.Month.Ever.

After I finished, I gingerly loaded both bike and myself into the truck, and headed home. When I got there, my neighbor said hello, then looked askance at the blood on my knee. I explained what happened and that I was okay if sore. It was then that I put my hand on my hip and felt the huge lump there where I'd landed. Bother. Time for some ice and a gingerly taken shower. I got pretty woozy after I discovered the lump, too. My head had been clear to that point, but I guess the knowledge of the lump triggered a reaction. Very weird.

I'm going camping in less than a week. There's supposed to be golf and tennis and volleyball, and I may have to just sit there and watch. That's gonna suck. This is the third time in a row I've been getting ready to go camping where something has happened to me healthwise. The last two times I wasn't able to go. I'm just hoping I heal up well enough to make the drive at this point.

It is also worrying that I have no good reason for the accident. One second I was riding along, braking to slow down, and the next I had lost control of the bike and was about to create a seismic event. Scary stuff.
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So, after two weeks of misery, the Worst Cold Ever (™) seems to be abating at last, and I'm feeling mostly human.

I rode my bike yesterday. I wasn't sure I was up to it, but it was sunny and 50°, and forecast is for colder temps the rest of the weekend, so I bundled up and went. It was chilly, but I was warm enough, and the wind wasn't nasty for a change. Even better, no lungs were hacked up in the process. It was the first time I felt close to normal in two weeks. It was a short ride, 12 mi., just enough to nudge me over 1750 for the year.

Afterwards I took a ride up to the big box stores in Coventry to lay in my truffle making supplies. I took the back roads up to avoid the misery that is the interchange between Rt 4 and I-95. To wit, there is no interchange between 4 N and 95 S. One has to exit 4, negotiate the three traffic lights on Division Road as it passes between a shopping center and a multiplex, and then north on Rt 2 to the 95 S entrance ramp. Another of RI DOT's many hall of fame designs. I try to avoid the area as much as possible, but it was the best way to get to the big box complex off 95 from where I live.

That is, apart from Hopkins Hill Road, which runs straight down through Rhody's backwoods from Coventry to Exeter not far from my house. I often came home that way, because the return through Division Road is even worse. The only problem with the whole scheme was that when Hopkins Hill hit the Exeter town line, it turned into a dirt road.

Now, I like dirt roads. I enjoy the nostalgia of a simpler time. I think they're neat, so I don't mind occasionally driving on them. Hopkins Hill was kept up pretty well by the town, so it was bumpy, but not atrocious. But they're no fun at all in lousy weather, and they take a toll on the shocks. So I didn't use Hopkins Hill all the time.

Then, last September, they paved it. Now it is wonderful, sailing through the woods and past the farms smooth as silk. Of course it is dark as pitch at night, but that's what high beams are for.

I'll miss the dirt road a little. It was the only one I drove on with any regularity. There are a few other still in Exeter, so I can still indulge occasionally. Although there is another one I'd love for them to pave, Ten Rod Road from where it stops being Rt 102 to where it intersects with Rt 3. That would be so useful.


Dec. 4th, 2011 02:47 pm
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I have been in the grasp of the Worst Cold Ever(™) for a week now. It all started innocently enough. I went to a party last Saturday, where the hostess mentioned that she and her kids were trying to get over a cold that just seemed to linger. The party was fun, but already on Sunday I had a scratchy throat, which I knew was a bad sign. Monday it was worse, but I went to work and managed to get through the day without medication. Monday night the snot monster hit, along with a sore throat like as I don't remember experiencing since I was a kid*.

* Although I must have come close sometime in the mid-90's based upon the evidence of the mostly unused box of Sucrets that had expired in 1997 that I found in the medicine cabinet. I have to be in serious pain to suck on a Sucret.

After a lousy night where every swallow was burning despite a healthy dose generic nyquil, I called in sick and mostly slept until after lunch. The sore throat abated quite a bit, and I slept better than I had during the night. But the throat came back with a vengeance Tuesday night, and I was again miserable. Took Wednesday off, too. What was interesting was that the sore throat once again disappeared during the day, so I took a closer look at the bottles of generic dayquil and nyquil that I was swilling like cheap gin during the day and night, respectively. They both had the same ingredients except that the dayquil had a decongestant and no antihistamine, while the nyquil had the antihistamine, but no frelling decongestant. I'd been assuming that the only difference would be the presence or lack thereof of the antihistamine**. Live and learn. Wednesday night I took the dayquil before bed, and slept like a very sniffly baby. The throat was only scratchy.

** Antihistamines are mostly useless on colds, but they do make you sleepy.

I returned to work on Thursday, and was damn near dead by the end of my usual ten-hour day***. I worked a shorter day on Friday and brought some work home. I'd hoped things would start to get better this weekend, and to a very small extent they have, but I'm still feeling pretty lousy.

*** Have I mentioned that I changed my work schedule to four 10-hour days a week now? Three day weekends every week!

I would've liked to ride this weekend. The weather's been reasonable for the time of year, and it's sunny out, but I don't have the inclination or the strength. It's a pity, too. I've already broken my all time best for mileage in a year, previously just over 1700 miles in 2008, and I'm just 10 miles short of 1750, which has been a sort of next milestone goal of mine since I first broke 1500. I'm surprised I got this far. The main reason I did is that the weather was very moderate for November, and those three day weekends really add up in terms of number of available riding days, especially when it's too dark to ride after work.
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It's pretty bad when a snopocalypse is not the most aggravating event of the week. Not that it wasn't aggravating, but that was just the base coat of aggravation.

Aggravation within... )
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I'm sitting here with my coffee while waiting for the feeling to return to my toes. I rode my bike this morning, even though it was below freezing outside. It wasn't really my choice. I had to drop my truck off at the shop for some work (the heater stopped working this week, natch, among other things), and rather than hang around the waiting room for hours and hours, I figured I could tough out the ride back and forth.

It wasn't awful. I dressed properly, and apart from my toes (and around my eyes, early on) it was warm enough. Being early Saturday morning, there wasn't much traffic, and had it been warmer it would've been a pleasant ride.

The bike was less happy about things. It stays in the back of the truck when not in use, so it was very cold when I hauled it out. The biggest issue was that the rear derailleur wasn't moving at all, so I couldn't do any shifting with it, at least at first. The front derailleur worked, so I was able to use that to do very rough changes, and fortunately the first part of the ride was mostly flat. After a mile or so, the rear hub warmed up some, and the derailleur started working again. Sort of. There were still a few unannounced gear changes along the way. Anyway, I made it home (5½ mi), and the ride back should be a little warmer as it's supposed to get up into the forties today. As long as it's before sunset.

This morning's ride was the first time I'd been on the bike in almost a month. It's been too cold for comfort. I haven't been on the stationary bike much, either, which I need to change going forward.

Yikes! Just got a call from the shop. Repairs are going to be close to a grand (new radiator, new wheel bearing, new differential cover). Merry frelling Christmas!

Speaking of Christmas, I started in on my annual trufflemania. I had yesterday off, so since Thursday night I've managed to make 7 types of centers already, and I should be able to finish off the rest today, barring another unfortunate drop-the-cream-cheese-on-the-floor incident*. I may even start coating tomorrow. That's way ahead of where I usually am this time of year. On the other hand, I haven't even thought of a design for a Christmas card yet, much less begun production of same, so there's that.

* For family members who may happen to read this, no, I did not attempt to wipe it off and use it anyway. Even if it would've been fine, which it was when I had some of it on my toast this morning.

Also, with regards to truffles, I added one more flavor last year, but apparently never bothered to write it down, so here it is (the base recipe is here, and some additional flavors are here):

vanilla centers -

chips: white chocolate chips**
flavoring: 1½ tsp of French vanilla extract***

coating: milk chocolate

** A careful reading of the ingredient list for Nestle's Premier White Morsels (note the missing word) informs me that they do not, in fact, contain any chocolate or cocoa butter whatsoever.

*** For the record, French vanilla should not be a flavor. It's a style of vanilla ice cream made in the French manner, i.e., from an egg custard. That's why it's richer and yellower than normal vanilla ice cream, not from anything having to do with the vanilla itself. It really ought to apply only to ice cream. <Takes an ironic sip from his cup of French vanilla flavored coffee...>

Other stuff. I caught a bad cold the day before Thanksgiving, so I missed the family dinner for the first time in my life. That sucked. Took about ten days to finally shake the cold, too.

Toes have warmed up. Time to make some more truffles.
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Easter weekend had terrific weather, but I was down in Jersey so didn't get a chance to ride at all. I did get to play a little wiffle ball with a niece and a couple of nephews. It's the first time I've swung any kind of bat in almost a decade, yet I'm the only one of the crew who actually hit the ball. Apparently none of them have their uncle's hand-eye coordination. I blame my sisters. Actually, I whiffed on my first two swings, then tomahawked a pitch that was about two feet over my head for a line drive that reached the street. Go me!

Al, Durrah, and I took a ride down to the hobby shop in Magnolia, then stopped at an LL Bean on the way back. Never been to one before. I spent most of my time looking at overpriced bicycle accessories and clothing. Nice stuff, but nothing I couldn't get cheaper at a local shop. They did have one bike, though, that I liked quite a bit. Alas, I already have plenty of bikes.

The weather continued to be nice for most of the week, and I did get a couple of rides in. And Thursday I tried to give the lawn it's first mow of the season, but was stymied by my old adversary, the Briggs and Stratton two-cycle engine. Wouldn't start for love nor money. So I bundled it off the the repair shop Saturday. It should be ready to take on the meadow outside my front door sometime later in the week.

The basement continues to dry out. Friday I tossed out a couple of loads of soggy trash, and with that and the dehumidifier still doing yeoman's work, by Saturday morning it was smelling a lot less musty down there. Still feeling pretty lucky about it all as one of my coworkers still has water coming into his basement as fast as he can pump it out.

I finished varnishing the cabinets, drawer fronts, and cupboard door for the hobby bench Saturday, and today I attached various pulls and hinges, and attached the drawer fronts to the drawer bodies. I just need to fill some nail holes and I can bring them both upstairs... Um... After I clear out some space in the nerd hole.

Still to do are the bench top and a pair of sliding shelves for the cupboard. The plywood for the bench top is cut. The edges need to be trimmed out, then I need to finish it somehow or another, with something that can stand up to spilled paint thinner. I'm running a small experiment with epoxy appliance paint, which is only recommended for painting metal, to see if it'll work on primed wood as well. So far, so good.

Meanwhile, I've been hacking up my lungs since Friday. I'm not sure if it's a chest cold or allergy/asthma due to all the plants popping off so early. Am taking loratidine and tussin in the am and nyquil in the pm. Whatever, I've felt like crap all weekend, enough so that for another weekend I didn't get any rides in. Blehh!

"I always thought the knuckleball was the easiest pitch to catch. Wait till
it stops rolling, then go to the backstop and pick it up." - Bob Uecker

Charlie Haeger, a knuckleballer, started for the Dodgers today and turned in one heck of an outing, striking out 12 in six innings of work. Only ten of the twelve strikeouts actually resulted in outs as catcher A.J. Ellis was having as much trouble catching the knuckler as the Marlins' batters were having hitting it. Alas, it was all for naught as the bullpen blew another game in the late innings.
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So, I started coming down with a cold last Saturday, which by Sunday was full blown and nasty, so further work on the bench got postponed. I managed not to miss any days at work, but I was miserable all week, even more so than when I had the flu in November. The symptoms finally started easing Friday, so yesterday I finally felt good enough to head back down into the basement. It was also mild outside, almost into the fifties, so it wasn't quite so cold down there, definitely good news.

Measure once, cut twice... )


Nov. 22nd, 2009 08:46 am
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Slowly recovering from whichever version of the flu I had. I went into work briefly on Wednesday to pick up some folders, then worked from home. Thursday and Friday I worked full days, and although I was nowhere near a hundred percent, I did okay. Yesterday, just to prove to myself exactly how weak I still am, I went for a very short, very easy bike ride. Broke 1400 miles for the year, albeit very slowly.

The bike ride was to celebrate at long last having the replacement wheel BikeShopGuy has been promising since September 2008. That was when I actually managed to break a piece off of the hub. BSG assured me he could fix it, and gave me a loaner wheel to use in the interim. Some months went by before he got around to repairing my original wheel, and when he did, it turned out the new hub he used didn't fit my gear set. So he loaned me an even better wheel and decided to try again. The new loaner was from his own bike, which he figured would provide added incentive to complete the job. Still, by the end of the summer he hadn't done anything further, so he decided to just order me a replacement. It finally arrived a couple of weeks ago, but we'd been playing phone tag in the interim, plus there was the whole flu thing. Yesterday I finally managed to catch him at the shop, and we swapped things around.

The new wheel is from the same manufacturer, but has a better quality (Shimano) hub than the OEM original, which given what happened is a probably good thing. The best part is that it didn't cost me a cent. The cost was mostly covered by the sale of my original wheel to someone who only needed to fit eight gears, and the rest was gratis for my patience. Cool beans. And as long as we were removing one tire anyway, I had him rotate the tires front and back to even out the wear a bit (the rear tire always seems to wear quicker than the front).
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So... I slept until 7:30 and got a reasonably good night's sleep, 9 hours in bed all told, although I was in and out for the last three hours or so. When I went to bed, it was still pretty mild out, and it was till pretty warm in the house, so I replaced my heavy blanket with a lightweight one. When first I woke up at 4:30 I was chilly, I I switched them back. As I was doing this I started shivering like crazy. Got under the covers and was snug. Half an hour later I was up again and sweating because it was still, like 65° in the house and I had the heavy blanket on. This kept up for the rest of the night.

No fever when I woke up and I felt much better. I still called into work to make sure I didn't infect anyone, but it did sort of feel like I was playing hooky, at least at first. I even logged in to my work machine to complete a task I'd planned to get done today. As the day wore on I started feeling crappy again, but still no fever, and I vaguely thought about taking a quick bike ride (although good sense prevailed there). Now the fever's back, although I suspect it's mostly the bump from having dinner (starve a fever, remember), because it's already dropping. Still, I guess I'm not as over it as I thought.

Which sucks.

I toted up the symptoms, and it's definitely one flu or another. I have or have had muscle aches, fever, mild wooziness, chills, and dry cough. No sore throat or nasal congestion. Of course, since I felt better for most of the day I never bothered to call the doctor. Will do so first thing tomorrow... unless I feel better in the morning.

I tried to take a nap, but apparently I missed my nap window. I was really tired around 3:30, but when I finally lay down around 5, nothing. The sun had set, so it was dark, and it was quiet. I lay there for half an hour with my eyes closed, but nothing. Nap insomnia, which needs its own word, you know. Nappish disfunction. Disnappthia.
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Have been feeling crappy since last night, muscle aches and feeling off. Last night I figured that it was because I was on my feet most of the day working on a project, running up and down stairs, breathing saw dust. Plus my body once again shifted into weekend mode, so I'd been up since quarter to five. Went to sleep at 10:30 and woke up around 5:15 or so feeling even worse. By this time I was thinking flu, but there wasn't any nasal congestion and I didn't have a fever. I just felt frelling lousy. I was coughing some, but there was the whole sawdust thing.

Then just before dinner things apparently took a turn, and I started shivering like crazy with a mild fever. Had some soup — now the fever is 100.4°. Bother. Nose still isn't clogged (knock wood), and the cough isn't much more than usual, but I've got something. Will call the doctor in the AM for advice. Really don't need either type of flu. Bother.

What's really pissing me off is that I tried to get my annual seasonal flu shot, but RIDoH ran out of vaccine, and no clinics have been scheduled since mid-October. H1N1 vaccine is still in short supply, too, with all they have going to schools and pregnant women. At least it doesn't appear that it's been going to bankers, like in New York City, but jumpin' Jesus...


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