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I like start each lecture with a quote or cartoon or something similar on topic to what's going to be covered. (I used the cartoon in the icon in my first lecture.) Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're pithy, and occasionally they are filks, like this one I did last night on the ideal gas law (PV=nRT):

One law for Boyle, with extent versus spring,
One more for Amontons, T zero was the thing,
Another one for Charles, expanding in the heat,
And one for Avogadro, with particles discrete,
In the Realm of Gases where the volumes change.

One Law to rule them all, One Law to find them,
One Law to join them all and through a constant bind them,
In the Realm of Gases where the volumes change.

I just wish there was some property of gases that would allow me to make the last line a little more sinister, but ideal gases don't really have shadows.

But wait, there's more... )
One quote that I used that I found unintentionally hilarious was this one from Robert Boyle on his experiments determining that the volume (extent) of a gas was inversely proportional to its pressure (spring):

'Tis evident, that as common Air when reduc'd to half Its wonted extent, obtained near about twice as forcible a Spring as it had before; so this thus- comprest Air being further thrust into half this narrow room, obtained thereby a Spring about as strong again as that It last had, and consequently four times as strong as that of the common Air. And there is no cause to doubt, that If we had been here furnisht with a greater quantity of Quicksilver and a very long Tube, we might by a further compression of the included Air have made It counter-balance 'the pressure' of a far taller and heavier Cylinder of Mercury.

Even in 1662, scientists were complaining about not having enough funding.

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[livejournal.com profile] veejane wrote a wonderful piece on Kevin Millar, one of the Red Sox team leaders for the last few years. It was so good I felt inspired, so I wrote a filk based on it. Here it is:

The Ballad of Kevin Millar )
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What an absolutely gorgeous weekend. The sun shone, the temperature rose, and the daffodils bloomed in all their golden glory. I should've been on my bike. Instead, it was a weekend for doing homeowner type stuff.

Project #1: Paint Your Wagon Office Got a dream, boy, got a brush... )

Project #2: Lawnmower Man: I'm gonna choke somebody... )

Project #3: The Postal Worker Always Honks Twice Neither rain, nor sleet, nor falling trees... )

I also made some very good beef stew in the slow cooker, which I don't use very often.

There was one other oddity this weekend. At least two birds bounced off my living room picture window. I'm almost afraid to look behind the rhododendron for fear of finding a bunch of dead, near-sighted birds back there.
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Presents are wrapped, and I'm heading out shortly for baby!sis's house for Christmas Eve. Merry Christmas to all them as celebrate it.

This year's card is inside... )

And there's this silly filk I posted in the Sang Sacre thread at b.org, reposted here... )


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