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...or how I spent my summer.

I spent a good portion of the summer teaching — the lab portion of my usual MCC assignment on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 8 to 10 p.m. The three days a week thing got old fast, but otherwise I had a good class and a good time. One of my students was even a minor local celebrity, a features reporter for a local TV station who is apparently chucking it all to become a (male) nurse. Of course since the local TV station is not local to where I live, I had no idea until some of the other students pointed it out. He was totally not the stereotypical self-absorbed TV personality, but was rather a keen student and very helpful to others.

As for the rest of the time, here are the highlights...

Last weekend of June... )

Fourth of July weekend... )

Readercon weekend... )

First weekend in August... )

The funeral... )

Summer ends for me on Tuesday, with the start of the semester at MCC. Meanwhile I have been busy preparing syllabi and lecture notes. I'm teaching my usual general chemistry course at MCC, Mondays and Wednesdays 4-7, and a lab over at CCSU on Thursdays from 4:30 to 7:30. The department chair at CCSU offered me a second lab section, but it conflicted with MCC, alas.

Hoping I can post this...

Nope, still down... and I lost all my tags. Bother.

And now we appear to be back.
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Previously on LiveJournal, our hero managed to dump a glass of milk into his wireless keyboard.

That was Wednesday night. I took it over to the sink and ran a bunch or warm water through it, then left it leaning on one end to drain. Friday morning it seemed thoroughly dried out, so I gave it a try. It connected all right, so I figured all was well and detached the wired keyboard I'd been using as a substitute. I opened a browser window and that's when odd things started happening. Every time I typed something into the browser, it opened a new tab. The first time I thought I'd accidentally hit the new tab key combination by mistake, but by the third time I realized something was amiss.

Keyboards are tricky things. The keyboard is a PS/2 rather than USB, and if you plug as PS/2 keyboard in after the system has already started up they often don't respond at all. So I figured a quick restart would do the trick. The next thing I know I'm looking at the system setup screen* cycling through all of its options as fast as it possibly can. I hit the [Esc] key to exit, and that brought up the screen where I have to answer [Y] or [N] to exit. Yay! Except the [Y] key didn't work. Nothing for it, I plugged my wired USB keyboard back in, gave the machine the old three-finger salute, and... It did it again. Handy tip&emdash;If you're having issues with your wireless keyboard sending incorrect commands to the machine, make sure you remove its batteries when you plug in its replacement.

* You, know, the one where if you hit [Del], or sometimes [F2], right after start up so as to set your boot order and suchlike.

I put it aside, and tried it again yesterday. It was sending long lines of the number 2, but otherwise seemed functional. Put it aside again, then tried it this evening, and it finally seems to be back to normal. I was able to type this post without issue.

I have declared the garden season to be over. It was a very mixed bag of results. On the good side, I got seven or eight spaghetti squash for my mother. I also got a softball-sized cantaloupe, and four pickling cucumbers that got made into icebox pickles. On the bad side, I didn't get any particularly large tomatoes. There were plenty of smaller tomatoes, particularly plums, but anything of size that approached ripeness either exploded thanks to the combination of very little rain followed by buckets, or got eaten by critters.

I haven't mentioned the critters before, but back in early July my neighbor mentioned that all of his ripening tomatoes were being gnawed by chipmunks. I noticed the same signs, including burrow holes, so I got some rodent repellent down at the Agway and sprayed it around as best I could**. It seemed to work for awhile, and I finally got some non-prechewed tomatoes, but it turned out to be a losing battle. I also discovered that it wasn't chipmunks after all, but field mice. I actually saw one of them duck under a leaf as I tried to pick a tomato. It's a shame, really. There are a lot of half-eaten tomatoes out there that could've been mine. The ones I got were tasty.

** It's made from rotted eggs, hot peppers, and something else nasty that escapes me at the moment. It's not supposed to be sprayed directly on the edible portions of the plants, which was kind of difficult at that point, so coverage wasn't great. I was able to direct a stream down one of the burrow holes, though.

The threat of the field mice going after the other stuff made me pick things sooner rather than later. The cantaloupe was ripe, but not very flavorful. The squash aren't quite as yellow as I would've liked. Stupid mice.


Sep. 28th, 2011 10:03 pm
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When I'm at home I eat practically every meal at my desk. I have no kitchen table (no room), and my office is in what any sensible person would use as the dining room. This is usually not a problem. Tonight at dinner, however, I knocked over my glass of milk, most of which wound up in my wireless keyboard. Considering how much crap is piled upon my desk, I'm amazed at how little other stuff got doused. Got lucky.

Meanwhile, I'm typing on a spare wired keyboard whilst the wireless drains over next to the kitchen sink. It could've been worse. I spent New Year's Eve 1984 cleaning semi-dry and very sticky Coca Cola out of my completely dissembled, three-month old Commodore 64.
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I am very tired right now. I woke up an 4 am and couldn't get back to sleep. Blech. I'd gone to bed at 10, so I did get some sleep. I don't understand why this only happens to me on weekends. On week days I always manage to sleep till the alarm goes off.

So first I went into work and spent about four hours wrangling computers in the server closet. We have two servers that are meant to be rack mounted, but until today they never have been. The problem is that while our rack cabinet is deep enough to hold them, it is not deep enough to contain the rails they ride in. The rails are about an inch longer than the rack cabinet is deep. I would have to remove the rear door of the cabinet so the rails could stick out the back. The problem is that, like the cabinet's front door, the rear door has a lock, the key to which has apparently vanished from the face of the earth. I have the key to the front door, but it doesn't work in the back. So I wound up having to remove one of the cabinet's side panels, and then unscrewing the lock mechanism from the latch from behind.*

* The annoying thing about all this is that removing the side panels was a piece of cake since they're fastened with only four screws screwed in from the outside of the cabinet. Really makes you wonder how useful those locks are in the first place.

Once I got the rear door removed, and the rails and servers installed, I also had to remove the front door of the cabinet. The space is so tight that if I closed the door, it would press up against the fronts of the two servers, blocking the vents through which the cooling fans draw fresh air.**

** If I ever find the guy who sold us this cabinet, there are going to be words... and possibly the use of a baseball bat.

I stopped at the Davisville Library on the way home, and while checking out a book there was informed that a book I'd requested was waiting for me over at the main library in Wickford, so I drove over there, too. Afterward I headed home, had lunch, and then drove down to the bike path to take a ride. Once I got there I remembered*** that I'd taken the bike out of the truck earlier in the week so there'd be room in back to haul some trash away, and that the bike was just then sitting in my living room. So I drove back home, got the bike loaded, and then drove back to the bike path. Sigh.

*** After looking in the back and seeing it wasn't there.

I did nineteen miles at just under 15 mph, a remarkably good time considering I hadn't ridden since last weekend. Right now my legs are probably stronger than they've ever been in my life. My times have been really fast for the last couple of months. I even hit an all time high of 15.5 mph on a ride about a month ago.

After the ride, I mowed the lawn, probably for the last time this year. At least that's what I'm hoping. After I finished I let the engine run until it used up the remaining gas in its tank so that it'd be ready for winter storage.

Now to take a handful of ibuprofen and head to bed.
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Went in early and finally had the flash of insight needed to solve the problem once I realized that I could not ping the mail server from my own computer. Took a look in the server's control panel, and sure enough, Microsoft, in it's infinite patronizing wisdom turned Windows Firewall back on at some point while I was doing all the updates to XP, thus protecting the server from detection by nasty malware infested computers, not to mention every other frelling computer on the network. It's XP Professional, people! It's designed to be used by folks who already have a firewall on their network.

Once that was out of the way, the only other hurdle was that the new server software requires SMTP authentication, which the old one didn't, so I had to run around checking off the little box in everyone's Outlook settings to do just that, and then figuring out how to do the same with our fax machines and other odd SMTP sources.

Still seeing some odd behaviors here and there (the fabled "No transport provider" error has been popping up a lot), but other than that things seem to be working.


Aug. 26th, 2010 09:43 pm
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Did not get the new mail server working. I set up all the accounts and such, but there must be some setting I'm missing. Am home now. Will try again in the morning.
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Am stuck at work, setting up a new e-mail server to replace my beloved Cobalt RaQ, which apparently had the computer equivalent of a stroke. Just stopped working altogether right after lunch. My initial diagnosis was a dead hard drive, but after several hours of trying to install a new one I have come to the conclusion that it's not the hard drive, but the hard drive controller. The machine hangs a few seconds into boot no matter which of five different hard drives I try to install. However, it doesn't hang if there is no drive installed, at least not until the part where it goes looking for the hard drive. Bozhe moi!

So I am currently loading a fresh copy of XP Pro onto a machine pulled off the recycling shelf, which meant I had to reinstall the drive and memory I'd pulled out of it when it went on said shelf. Once the updates are done, I will attempt to install hMailServer. We'll see how it goes. Of course, the real kicker is that it has poured rain here for the last four days, but today was sunny, and I was looking forward to riding. Bother.
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This is going to screw up my first lines meme.

Oh, wait, no it won't...

The trailer (NSFW)...

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Be prepared! That's the Boy Scout's marching song,
Be prepared! As through life you march along.
Be prepared to hold your liquor pretty well,
Don't write naughty words on walls if you can't spell.

So, although snowpocalypse II hasn't really dumped a lot of snow on us yet, the wind is whistling out there. The power went out around 8. Given the weather, I figured it would take awhile to fix. Not a serious problem, I thought, because I am prepared! There are two fluorescent camp lanterns sitting in my hall closet.

Except that when I made my way to the closet and tried to turn them on, nada. Worse, when I managed to pry off the battery cover of the bigger of the two lanterns, the dim glow of my Maglite showed it to be caked with the evil crystals of battery leakage. So I took it over to the kitchen sink and cleaned the thing out, mostly by feel. Fortunately I had a couple of twelve packs of Duracells in the closet (thank you Sam's Club), but when I installed fresh batteries there was still no light. Took another look inside with the flashlight and saw some corrosion on some of the connectors, so I cleaned those with some sandpaper obtained after a harrowing trip down and up the basement stairs. Reassembled everything, and this time there was a quick flash from one of the tubes. A little jiggling of the switch, and I had light. Go me!

Then I looked inside the other one. No leakage, just dead batteries. Piece o'cake. Put that one aside just in case, and grabbed the big one and my laptop, and headed for the living room to wait things out. Put the lamp down on the end table, and it went out. Jiggling the switch got me a couple of flashes, but not much more. Bother.

Still, the little lamp was working fine, so I settled in with the computer. Have I mentioned that I got myself a new laptop for Christmas. My old laptop was 11 years old, so it was time. The new one is an ASUS with a 10 hour battery which I had just charged. It came with Windows 7, which has been an, um, interesting experience. Anyway, I turned it on, and then I remembered that neither the cable modem nor the wireless router had any power. Feh. No internet for me.

Then, about an hour later, the power came back on against all expectations. Hooray! Now to figure out what's going on with the big lantern.
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...thinking about the countryside and sunny days in June. Or July. Whatever.

I am actually sitting in a hotel room, a very nice efficiency at a Candlewood Suites in Burlington, MA. Only $50 per night, which is a terrific deal around these parts. The place is very new, and has all sorts of amenities included in the price, like the full kitchen in the room, free washers and dryers, and free DVDs available for checkout from the desk. The only sort of normal thing that isn't available is wireless internet, but they hand you an ethernet cable when you check in. How do they do it? The one obvious thing is that housecleaning only cleans your room once a week, which is fine with me. That's still way more often than I clean at home. If you need clean towels, you can get more at the desk. The only negative in the whole experience so far is that the desk/table is a bit too high, maybe 36" or so versus a more normal 30", which makes typing or writing a bit uncomfortable. Some one shorter than me might need to sit on a phone book to make it work.

I am here on a little two-night mini-vacation while I attend Readercon 20. I could've just driven up each day, but while it wouldn't quite cost me $50 a day in gas, it wouldn't be a lot less, and I certainly wouldn't have to deal with the bumper-to-bumper on Rt. 128 like I did Friday morning. I did this last year, too, although just for one night. That was in a much shabbier hotel in Bedford, the next town over. The main reason I stayed there was that it was within easy riding distance of the north end of the Minuteman bike path.

Friday was spent at the con, which went well into the evening, so there wasn't much in the way of side travel. Saturday morning I was up bright an early, so I drove to Bedford to get in a ride on the Minuteman path. I rode as far as Arlington Center, where the path disappears for a bit. To get to where it starts up again for the rest of the trip to Alewife one has to ride along Mass Ave through an incredibly busy intersection (being the center of town and all). Been there, done that, experienced the terror, so I decided to skip that part.

Spent more time at the con, but apart for some special evening events (a rock concert, for one) I found myself with nothing to do after 4:00. This was the point last year when I took my ride, but since that was already done, I just drove around for awhile, and shopped. Got a 1 TB portable hard drive at BJ's for $80, which is amazing to me. Stopped in at the local Barnes and
Noble, and the local Borders for awhile. I also found a place called the "Used Book Superstore," where I picked up a copy of the Landmark Books edition of The Battle of Britain to add to my small collection of other Landmark Books I had when I was a boy. I also looked at netbooks and laptops at Staples. I'm typing this on Slick, a ten year-old laptop running Win98, and it's about time for a replacement. Slick has soldiered on for more years than I had a right to expect when I bought it, but it just can't handle a lot of modern web sites.

After that it was dinner in the bar at the Outback while watching the Royals play one of the worst innings of baseball I've ever seen versus the Sawx. The shortstop chucked a ball into right field, the catcher chucked one into center, and the left fielder, after actually catching a ball, began running in to the dugout with it thinking it was the third out. But it wasn't. Oops.

We had a rainstorm last night, but it seems to have cleared out. I will look at the con schedule again, but last I looked there was nothing there to interest me this morning. I may head over to Concord to visit the bridge and take a few photos, then perhaps stop on the way home at Blackstone Valley for a ride.
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So, I bought a new computer. Bought, rather than my usual built. I was going to build, but by the time I added up the prices on newegg of everything I wanted, it cost me less to have the same machine (with a better graphics card) built by cyberpower. Plus, not only was cyberpower offering free shipping, I found a coupon online for an additional 5% off. Can't beat that. So I got exactly the machine I'd specced out originally, and didn't even have to worry about putting it together. For less money! Huh. This is the first time in ten years I've bought a machine, and that was a laptop (which still works... sort of...).

Truth be told, this was a luxury buy. My old computer is still perfectly adequate for 99% of what I need to do. The 1% is the copy of Flight Simulator X that I asked for and received for Christmas. My old machine has some pretty decent hardware, but FSX brought it to its knees (frame rates of around 10 fps), even at the least intensive settings. I knew this going in. I'd downloaded the FSX demo a couple of years ago, and that choked the machine, too.*

* Of course, not being able to run FS2004 on my previous machine was why I originally built Swifty/Suzily a little over three years ago. I have done additional work on it since, but there's really nothing I could add that would get it to run FSX properly. The tyranny of the new...

The good news is that late 2008 brought the arrival of two amazing pieces of hardware, the ATI 4800 series of graphics cards and the Intel Core i7 cpu. Both were rated as best in class, and both were available in best buy configurations. The amazing top of the line Core i7 costs about a grand, but the still pretty terrific low end is only a little more than $200. Same thing with the ATIs, but cyberpower haveme a price I couldn't refuse on the 1 GB 4700 (over my original best buy choice of a 500 MB 4850). There's also 6 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a 500 GB hard drive. And it has a wireless card in addition to two ethernet ports, so I can set it up anywhere. The whole shebang cost me a little under $1250. (The only snafu was FedEx home delivery, who are made of fail.)

I did have to do a little customizing on Flash II**. It turns out that gameports are officially obsolete, so new audio cards (like the Audigy that I'd included on Flash II) don't come with them anymore. That sucks if you happen to have non-USB legacy hardware, like my vintage set of Thrustmaster rudder pedals. No big deal, though. I just swapped out the SBLive card on Swifty for the Audigy, and everything is fine.

** I have run out of sibling nicknames to use. My father never gave my two youngest sisters nicknames, and I just can't bring myself to name a computer after babysis's real name. So I have started over.

I don't plan to make Flash my main machine. I've got so much stuff on Swifty that bring it all over would be painful, and it's not like things are slow. Besides FSX, I may bring over some other games, although Sims 2 is probably the only other game I have that would show an improvement. OTOH, if I ever need to do some video editing, I will certainly move that stuff over. The one fly in the ointment is that I did not buy a copy of Vista 64 with the machine, so about half of the available RAM is currently unavailable for use, XP being only 32 bit and all. I downloaded the Windows 7 beta, which is 64 bit, so I might fool around some with that. Or wait until a copy of Windows 7 appears at work.

Meanwhile, I've got FSX up and running, and it's running amazingly well, with frame rates of 60 or more (20 is adequate). That'll slow down some as I install add-ons, but still, it's pretty neat.
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Spending most of this morning trying to fix my internet connectivity was not part of the plan. Basically the router couldn't see Cox's DHCP server to get an IP address. It had somehow become set to There was about ninety minutes used on trying to fix things on my own, including swapping in my old, non-wireless router, but nothing worked. Then there was about an hour on the phone with Cox after that. About half of that was with their automated tech support system (which is actually pretty nifty), followed by connection to an actual human when the machine gave up in exasperation. The human eventually got it unclogged, although I'm not really sure what the root cause was, because he just kept babbling about possible causes, while trying all sorts of things at his end, or having me try stuff at mine.

Anyway, once it was unclogged, there was still the task of getting the router back up and running. We'd taken it out of the mix to simplify things while diagnosing the problem, and earlier in the process I'd reset as one of my early attempts, so a lot of settings had to be looked up and entered. There was also the part where you have to turn things on in a particular order to make it all work right. That was another hour or so. Bozhe moi.

It's all working now, though, and, as a gift with purchase, I now have a (longer than expected) list of all the wireless access points in my neighborhood.


May. 4th, 2008 10:21 am
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What crappy weather we have this weekend. Yesterday the sky looked all day as if it were about to burst any minute, but it turned out to be more the glower of a middle school punk than any actual misbehavior. Today, though, it's steadily raining. The grass loves it. It's going to be a bitch to mow when the sun arrives.

The biodome has been living outside full-time during these rainy days. Usually I take it in at night in case of frost, but that's not an issue with all the rain. I need to get some potting soil so I can transfer the plugs to larger pots. I also need to turn over the garden. I look with envy at the nifty little mini-tillers down at the Depot, but then I remember that the tomato patch is a whopping 12' x 4' and takes me all of 10 minutes to turn by hand with a spading fork. Sigh.

Took the Fuji out to the bike shop to have the new tires installed. They're Michelins. I put 1350 miles on the original set of Kendas, and about 140 since we noticed that the back tire was smooth as a billiard ball.

So, as I suspected, it looks like my router issues of last weekend weren't a hardware problem with the router, but rather a traffic issue on the network. I went all week with my main machine connected directly to the cable modem without any issues. Yesterday I finally got around to installing the wireless router I've had lying around here for yonks. Didn't take long to get it running, and everything seemed to work just fine, but then I realized that I needed to look at the configuration of the old router to grab some port forwarding settings. So I powered everything down, reinstalled to old router, and turned it all back on. It was all working, with no sign of the problems I'd been having. In checking the settings and such, I noticed that my IP address was different from the one I'd had for the last year or so. Somewhere along the process of me talking to tech support, and removing the old router for a week, etc., the IP address to the cable modem released and renewed to a different address, and whatever the mass of traffic that was slowing down the connection seems to have disappeared with it.

I'm still going with the wireless router, because, you know, wireless, and also because the router itself is newer and has more features. I should've done it years ago, even if just for the better features. Am I more likely to use my laptop at home now I've got wireless? I doubt it. For one thing, it's nine years old and very slow. OTOH, it was interesting to look at the wireless configuration wizard on the thing to see how many connections are available in my neighborhood.
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Staved off yet another invasion attempt by the evil thicket with the help of my trusty chainsaw and a pair of loppers. Am now ridiculously worn out. Saving the world from the scourge that is the autumn olive is tiring work.

The weather has been terrific, although today is cold and gray. Apart from riding my bike, yesterday was spent down in the basement cutting up plywood for the latest project. Passed 250 miles for the year already. No ride today.

The tulips arrived this week, along with the bradford pear, the mini-rhododendrons, and the cherry tree. Throw in the daffodils, pansies, and forsythia, and it's a wonderful world of color (cue Tinkerbell). The only nay-saters seem to be the majority of the crocuses that I planted near the cherry tree last fall, which sent up lots of foliage but few flowers.

The biodome seedlings seem to be thriving. The only non-starters appear to be the three year-old flat-leaf parsley seeds. One oddity is that of the two types of muskmelon planted, the seeds packaged for this year have been out germinated by those from 2005, 2-1.

Fun with routers (not the woodworking kind)... )


Feb. 1st, 2008 04:51 pm
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I've spent much of the week dealing with bizarre computer related problems at work, so I am in total sympathy with Bob Timmermann over at the Griddle when he describes the five stages of computer death.

I mean, why would performing security patches on a linux web server appliance cause it to set it's clock back from Thursday the 31st to Tuesday the 29th? Why would those patches bollix up the time clock, which shouldn't be talking to the email server at all? Why would upgrading the firmware of a wireless router cause it to block internet access over the air, but not over the cable? Why does the other wireless node not function at all? Why don't I just go find a nice tropical island with no computers within a thousand miles, and sit in the sun with a good book.

Bob also notes the incongruity of the Red Sox, of all teams, hosting a tribute to Jackie Robinson yesterday. It is nice that John Henry seems to be trying to atone for the sins of his predecessors.

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Busy weekend. The weather was good, so I rode the bike both days. Saturday the temperature got up to about 50°. Sunday was a little chillier, and got colder as the ride wore on. I'm glad I got to go, because I may not get a chance for awhile. There's a major snowstorm on the way.

Projects for the weekend... )
My cold seems to have cleared up without complications, by which I mean I never developed a cough, which was my biggest worry. On the other hand, my knee is very sore from all the riding. I hate being old.

Still to come - books, and even flight sim fandom has kerfuffles.
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Managed to sleep in this morning, i.e., 7 o'clock. Go me with the luxurating. Went to Dunkies again for breakfast, and then across the street to the supermarket to pick up a few things.

Truffle centers are all done, and I got the mint centers dipped last night. Dipping is the worst. I've got the double boiler firing up now to do the milk chocolate dips (milk chocolate, coconut, and orange centers). I also made a teensy batch of sugar-free chocolate centers for my mom. They seemed to come out pretty well. Those I rolled in cocoa powder.

I need to go into work later to use one of the color lasers to print out some photos. If I'd been on the ball I could've done it during the week. Of course, if I'd really been on the ball, I would have my Canon printer all set up and ready to go, but I haven't used that in a couple three years, and god knows what the ink situation is.

Gotta go check on the melting chocolate.
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So, who knew Lexington was at the top of a hill?

As planned, I did drive up to Massamachusetts yesterday to try out the Minuteman Commuter Bikeway. Uphill both ways... )

Supermarket sweep... )

Computer stuff... )

I spent the afternoon shuffling overhead light fixtures, but I haven't finished yet, so that's a tale for tomorrow night.
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Have slowly been reloading apps onto Swifty. Reloaded Office 97 and assorted Adobe apps yesterday. Today, I think, I will start in on the games. By which I mean Flight Simulator 2004.

Tech notes... )
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I did eventually figure out how to do a proper shuffle on musikCube. A perusal of the documentation (yes, I decided to RtFM) showed that I needed to be in the "Now Playing" window instead of the "Library" window. This is already getting WAY too complicated, but at least I don't have to reject it out of hand.

I have a member of the Science Fiction Book Club on and off since I was in college, which means that over the years I've wound up buying a lot of accidental books, books that I only own because I failed to return a monthly selection card. Even now that I do all my business with SFBC over the net, I still occasionally fail to reject the current selections in time. Witness the package of books I brought back to the Slocum post office Saturday to return them to sender. (Normally, I would've just handed them back to the postmaster when he delivered them to me a week ago, but I wanted to check to make sure they weren't something I'd actually ordered.)

Finding a nugget... )


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