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So... Last time I posted was back in April. The lack of posting hasn't been because I've been especially busy, or had nothing to talk about, but rather a matter of procrastination. <Shrug>

A couple of days ago I got back from a short camping trip to Watkins Glen, NY, with a small subset of my usual camping group. Fun trip for the most part. Did a couple of good hikes to see gorges and waterfalls, including the spectacular Taughannock Falls, along with a nice bike ride on the Catherine Valley Trail.The only negatives were the heavy rain the first night, and the fact that my air mattress developed a leak that got progressively worse each night, culminating in waking up at 2:30 Tuesday morning with my heavy upper body flat on the ground, my less heavy lower body boosted high in the air by the remaining inflation, and the largish meal I'd had at the BBQ joint in town trying to work its way back out through my esophagus. Yeesh!

I rearranged things to a more comfortable position and was able to get back to sleep until dawn. First thing I did was drive into town to Walmart to price a new mattress. Then I went to Dunkies for breakfast and wifi to check the forecast. They were predicting thundershowers the next day, so instead of getting a new mattress, I decided to cut my trip short by a couple of days, broke camp, and headed home. It turned out to be a good decision. I kept checking the weather radar the next day, and there were some intense cells over Watkins Glen. Now I just need to find and patch the leak. And maybe have a chat with baby!sis because her kids were the last to use the mattress.

While in Watkins Glen, we went and saw Guardians of the Galaxy at the local theater for cheap*. It was great fun, but no one but me wanted to stay to watch all of the end credits, so I missed the big reveal. Not to worry, I already had heard about who it was. When I got back home I started looking up the comic book version of the team, and I'm pretty sure I must have bought some of the original series. I was a huge fan of Adam Warlock, and he was in it. Actually, knowing that now makes me disappointed that he didn't make it into the movie (although some have speculated the he, too, is part of the Collection). The only character I actually remembered was Drax, from his time with Warlock. And, of course, Thanos and Ronan. I did once buy the first issue of Nova, so I also recognized the Nova Corps, but I never was a fan.

* I should note that it had been almost nine years since the last time I was inside a movie theater. It may have been cheap by today's standards, but I don't think I paid that much in the first run theaters back in the day. One of the many reasons I haven't been in so many years.

Anyway, I have lots more to post about, but for now... baby steps.
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A post by [livejournal.com profile] ocvictor discussing the Green Lantern mythos (among others), reminded me that I meant to talk about the trailer for the upcoming GL movie.

Everything looks great. Ryan Reynolds even looks like Hal Jordan. But then he says,

The one thing a Green Lantern's supposed to be is fearless.
That isn't me.

Wait. What?

No! No! NO! <Smacks back of right hand into palm of left hand with each "no"> The ring chose Hal because Hal WAS absolutely fearless*. Now I am in dread. Of course this was one of the points Victor was making on the divergence of story as it ages and spreads to other media. Sigh.

* And because he was in the neighborhood and Guy Gardner wasn't. Much like Slayers, Green Lanterns are chosen from a pool of potentials, who become Slayers/Lanterns as needed (or as plot dictates). It occurs to me that Faith and Guy Gardner would get along famously. They could compare notes about the lame straight arrows they're supposed to understudy for.
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They're making a Green Lantern movie! How cool is that? And how cool is this little kid for asking the big question?

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Other stuff:

The Teen Titans as peeps!

I managed to fix the chain saw. The chain had come off the bar, turning an implement of mass destruction into a noisemaker that couldn't hurt a hamster. Well, unless you dropped it on top of the hamster. As I thought, it was a simple fix, except for the fact that I managed to reinstall the chain backwards, which basically turns it into a noisemaker that can rub the bark off trees like nobody's business, but not much else.

Once I got the chain pointing the right way, though, it worked like a charm, and I spent about an hour attacking the depredations of the thicket. There is still some clean up to do, but things are looking better.

Meanwhile, the forsythia are starting to bloom (although it seems early for that), and there are some daffodils alongside the house. I still haven't started any tomatoes, which I should've done a couple of weeks ago. At this point I'll probably be better off buying some plants when the time comes. Oh, and I'll probably have to start mowing the lawn soon.

I didn't ride over the weekend. Yesterday it rained all day, and today it never got much above 40°. I did get in a shortish ride Thursday evening, so that's something, anyway.

I've got six books read that I need to write about at some point. I've also got grist for several baseball posts. Sometimes it's just so damn hard to put electrons to screen. One of these days.
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So, suppose that instead of obscure Charlton superheroes, Alan Moore had based them on not so obscure comic strip characters. PVP reimagines how that might have turned out...

Ombudsmen (in five parts)

The Dr. Manhattan take off is hilarious.

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I haven't actually talked about any of the books I've read since before Thanksgiving, so here goes.

One Damned Island After Another... )

The Sad Sack... )

The Much Too Loved Quilt... )

Watchmen... )

Men at Work.. )
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I am tired, but in a good way for a change. It was a nice, sunny day out, and for the first time this year I took the opportunity to haul out one of the bikes for a ride. It was just a short one, out the bike path and back at a nice easy pace. The body was creaking quite a bit, especially my right knee, and the bike (I took the old Univega, not the widowmaker) was creaking right along with it. Not being used for a year or so will do that. We were quite the decrepit combo. I felt pretty good considering my total lack of any kind of exercise in recent months. I'm sore, but it's the good kind of sore.

I was kind of surprised at how few people were using the path, just a handful of cyclists and rollerbladers, and only one person walking. Maybe the novelty has finally worn off. I can only hope. The odd thing was that despite the scarcity of people on the path, I ran into two people I knew, one a volleyball buddy, and the other my old friend, Beast, from grad school.

Anyway, it was good to get out and work off some agita. Why did I have to work off agita, I hear you ask? <crickets....> That's okay, I'ma tell you anyway. Computers suck... )

I did solve one problem. I downloaded a little utility that automatically syncs the clock in Windows to atomic time. No more lateness getting out the door. There's just one thing, though. The utility minimizes to the tray, which is fine, but the icon... The icon is just creepy. It's an image of a plain gold ring.
One clock to rule them all,
One clock to find them,
One clock to sync them all,
And into Windows bind them...

Actually, it's probably a wristwatch.
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There's never a thunder god around when you need one. At least, that's the way it seems. After a couple days of absolutely miserable heat and humidity, storms have been traversing the region since mid-afternoon, but all we've gotten is overcast skies, a stiff breeze, temperatures dropping to the mid-eighties by late afternoon, and high seventies now. The humidity is such that it still feels like one is swimming in soup outside, but at least the soup is no longer piping hot. It's been raining north of here for hours now. The Sox got rained out at Fenway. Not a drop here, though. It'll really suck if we don't get anything. We haven't had a decent rain since June, and the flora is starting to pine for the fjords.

I've been staying mostly near the a/c all weekend, which was fighting somewhat of a losing battle against this much heat, and this much humidity. I failed to do much of anything, and even some of the things I did do failed miserably. I tried making tapioca pudding yesterday, but instead wound up with cream of tapioca soup. Or maybe you could call it a boba vanilla milkshake. Anyway, whatever it was, it was a complete failure as comfort food. I tried reading in front of the a/c in the back room early this afternoon, and woke up two hours later completely groggy.

I did spend some time down in the basement cleaning out the laundry area (it's been years), vacuuming, cleaning up the cobwebs, hauling away several years worth of accumulated dryer lint, detergent boxes, and spent softener sheets, and sorting through old clothes to figure out what to bring the the Salvation Army. The obnoxious thing is that it was actually hotter in the basement than it was upstairs. I also took the opportunity afforded by the lower temps late this afternoon to reinstall the hard lid for my truck's bed, replacing the soft tonneau cover that I've been riding around with since I helped Vee move a couple weeks ago. (The lid turns my truck bed into an enormous trunk, which nice and secure, but not so handy when moving furniture.) Even with the lower temperature and stiff breeze, I wound up drenched in sweat. Really, it was just a miserable weekend.

I only follow a few comic strips anymore. One of them, For Better or for Worse, has been running a story-line that has been annoying the everliving crap out of me. How do you pronounce harassment? )

Brad Penny pitched a tremendous game today, scattering eight hits in a complete game win over the Mets, beating Pedro Martinez, 2-1. The story for most of the game was Martinez, who was pitching a no-hitter until Antonio Perez tripled with one out in the bottom of the eighth. Jayson Werth followed with a homer for the lead. I have to admit I was torn. I would've liked to see both Martinez and the Mets finally get a no-hitter, just not against the Dodgers.

Ooh! Is that thunder?
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I finished Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere on the flight down to NOLA, and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's great fun, and it all hangs together rather well. I liked it so much that when I happened across the six-part BBC miniseries of it at Newbury's last night, I bought it. Watched the first two eps last night, and it seems wonderfully cast so far, and very faithful to the novel (Gaiman co-wrote the screenplay). The special effects are BBC standard, i.e., not very good, but they don't detract, and there are some interesting bits of camera work. I am sort of glad to have read the book first, because I think there are a few bits that aren't explained all that well, such as how Richard winds up in his own broom closet while traipsing around with the Marquis.

I'm most of the way through Glen Cook's Whispering Nickel Idols, and it's been very good, one of the best Garretts in a long time. Also still making my way through a reread of Hitchhiker's Guide.

I also picked up a stack of comics last night, but only got through the latest LSH. I'm really not amused by what they're doing to my group. The art is good, the dialogue is snappy, but the plot lines and characters suck badly, and are boring to boot.
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Mama Nature dumped another several inches of snow on us last night. Hard to tell exactly how much, because it's fluffy, drifty, and sitting on top of whatever was left from the previous storm. All I know is that there's lots of it. At least it's fluffy, so the shoveling was very easy.

The roads were in pretty good shape. The sun is bright, and the snow is melting away on the blacktop. Well except for one sideroad I take, the one on which I got stuck behind someone doing 10 mph. The road had maybe an inch of snow on it. I eventually wound up passing the ninny, rocketing by her at 25 mph.

Still, my office is sunny and warm, I have my Earl Grey, and someone brought in donuts.

So let's talk comics. I was in Newbury's last night, and grabbed pretty much an entire month's worth of books. Virtually every book I read came out either last week or this week.

Legion of Super Heroes #3 )
Astonishing X-Men #8 )
Powers #9 )
Ex Machina #8 )
Green Lantern: Rebirth #4 )
I need a comic hero icon of some sort. I'll have to go through my files.
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It's snowing like crazy outside this morning. There was already about four inches on the ground when I left for work, and still more has fallen since. Bother.

The sudden return of winter over the weekend kind of took me by surprise (even though I should know better). It was warmish most of last week, and it was bright and sunny Saturday morning when I set off for Boskone wearing a light jacket, only to discover that it was only about 15°F outside. This turned out to be a bigger issue than I expected when I just missed the train at the Quincy Adams T station (due to the world's slowest parking garage elevator), and had to huddle for twenty minutes at the top of the stairwell leading up to the windy platform while waiting for the next train. I also just managed to miss my connection to the Green Line due to my unfamiliarity with the way things are done at Park Street Station, so I wound up missing most of the day's first session.

You always remember your first con... )

In the time it's taken me to type all this stuff in it's now mid-afternoon, and the snow has turned to rain, so the roads are now full of slush. Oh... Joy...
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It snowing like crazy outside, although the promised 60 mph gusts of wind have yet to arrive. I am snug and warmish in my home (more on the warmish part later), drinking hot chocolate (although I must say that those fancy gourmet hot chocolate packets are nowhere near as chocolatey as plain ol' Swiss Miss, much less honest-to-god cocoa), listening to a mix CD that arrived in the mail today from [livejournal.com profile] theodosia (thanks, Theo!), and occasionally glancing out at the snow flakes dancing about in the glow of the porch lights outside my window.

Drifting away... )

Panic in the streets... )

Bring on the heat... )

I'll huff, and I'll puff... )

When I got home I started a batch of my famous maple-oatmeal bread in the bread machine. Since I was doing it during the day, rather than overnight, I decided to just use the machine to make the dough, and for the initial rising. When that was done, I transferred the dough to a regular bread pan, let it rise again, and then shoved it into the oven. It all seemed to be going pretty well. The second rising made a nice bread-shaped loaf. But as I moved it from where it had been rising over to the oven, it fell quite a bit. I wound up with a pan-high loaf - tasty, but denser than usual. Next time I'll just keep it in the machine.

After that, I spent most of the day reading back issues of Fables. I managed to get through all the ones I've downloaded. Now I just have to finish the last few I bought at Newbury. I also read the latest issue of Powers, which was great, as usual.
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So, the new reboot of the Legion of Super Heroes is out. [livejournal.com profile] ocvictor liked it quite a bit. I am reserving judgement. My main problem is not so much with the issue itself, but more with the fact that my favorite book has been completely reset AGAIN. This makes the fifth time the group has been reinvented (not to mention the fact that it's the third completely different continuity).

A brief history of the Legions of Superheroes )

The first issue finds the Legion already established with lots of the members already being old hands. The premise of the new universe seems thin. Life in the thirty-first century is too quiet, so the Legion was formed as an act of youthful rebellion to shake things up, and are now sort of like rock star role models to an entire generation. If you say so. There are hints in the first issue that adults are manipulating the Legion for their own purposes, and clearly somebody had to pay for the massive headquarters building they live in. RJ Brande, maybe? Anyway, the headquarters is hardly what would be called low profile, which is what rebel groups usually try for.

The writing, at least the dialogue, is witty, and far better than than in the old series. The character names are back to the fifties style of "adjective gender..." i.e., Lightning Lad, "...when gender applies," i.e., Chameleon. The costumes are a mixed bag, as detailed below.

A Who's Who in the Thirty-First Century... )


Nov. 13th, 2004 11:45 pm
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Winter arrived very early this year. Last night there was nasty, bone-chilling rain. This morning I woke up at 5 a.m. to snow on the ground and no power on my street. It snowed most of the morning, but the accumulation was not much more than an inch or two. Then the sun came out, and the afternoon was bright as can be, leaving the roads reasonably clear and dry.

I just spent the last hour or so writing up my latest theory on Identity Crisis, and then the power kicked off again for a minute, and the entire post was converted back to random electrons. My battery back up appears to be toast, because there was zero grace period before the machine shut down. Now that I think of it, it's at least five years old, so it's probably past due for replacement. Bother. So, now to reconstruct my post while saving often.

So, Identity Crisis... And now for something completely different... )

In other news, I hauled out the breadmaker for the first time in a while, and made my famous maple-oatmeal bread. It came out great. Woo hoo! Fresh bread!
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Read more... )
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So, Identity Crisis #6...



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