A Fine Man...Like Jordin K

Jul. 20th, 2017 07:52 pm
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How better to remember Jordin Kare than with a title that parodies a line from one of his parodies...

I'm not sure when I first met Jordin. Probably Confrancisco in 1993, where I first met a lot of the California filkers. (Most notably Kathy Mar, leading me the next year to drive up to a small con outside Toronto where she was GOH. But that's another story.)

My favorite memory of Jordin was his debut of "Heart of the Apple Lisa" during his Interfilk Guest concert at ConCertino in 1995. Which, being in Westborough, MA, was right in the heart of Fred Small territory. Given that and the number of computer scientists in filk, the titters from the audience started almost immediately. When he hit the first chorus, you could literally hear the wave of laughter roll from the front row to the back of the room. I was seated about 2/3 of the way back, with a clear sightline to the rear doors into the ballroom. As Jordin continued and the gales of hysterical laughter began to crescendo, I could see people running in from the hallway to find out what was happening.

And the topper? Mary Kay had been worried how the song would be received and thought the jokes might be too esoteric. For a con a few miles from the famed stretch of MA Route 128 known as "America's Technology Highway", home to the offices of IBM, DEC and Honeywell, HP, DG, and--sorry, different filker.

My second favorite memory came while waiting to board a flight at Dulles. I was sitting facing the concourse, watching people walk by, as one does. I saw someone who looked like Jordin walk by. I didn't get up immediately; I first thought it couldn't be Jordin, he lives in Seattle. A minute or two passed, and I became more convinced it really was Jordin. I got up, started to walk down the concourse, got about two gates, and saw Mary Kay sitting near the end of a row of seats. I went over and started chatting, and of course Jordin returned from his perambulations shortly thereafter. Turns out they'd been overseas at an astrophysics conference and were connecting back through Dulles. He'd actually won a significant award at that conference, making me the first filker other than Mary Kay to hear the good news.

Jordin leaves us a long legacy of original songs from the heartbreaking ("Waverider") to the anthemic ("Fire in the Sky"), parodies ("Psi Nought", "Dawson's Concom", "Unified Field Theory"), Les Barker recitations, Off Centaur recordings and songbooks, and drawers full of punny T-shirts. He will be missed.

Achievement Unlocked: Terrible Twos

Jul. 15th, 2017 09:17 pm
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Yes, Sam turned two on Thursday. Hard to believe it was only two years ago (today in fact) we were holding this tiny, not even 7-pound baby in our arms. In just 24 short months he's become an adorably cute, constantly moving (except when napping or sleeping), babbling, chaos-causing whirlwind of a toddler.

Our lucky boy has had an entire week of birthday celebrations. The festivities started last weekend when my dad and stepmom flew back up for a visit. We had a quick meal Sunday night and a birthday dinner Tuesday night. (Marred only by the string on his balloon breaking as I was bringing it and him in from the car after dinner. Goodbye balloon!) We also brought mini-cupcakes to day care on Thursday for his teachers to give out to his classmates.

Today we threw a 2nd birthday party for him. Sheryl's parents are in town for the weekend, my mom came over, and our friends Jen and Steve (and their little one) and Cat and Jason (and their not-so-little one) joined us for the festivities. We'd intended a bit larger of a gathering, but a combination of illness, deaths in the family, and vacations meant a bunch of folks couldn't make it. Still, Sam got a bunch of presents, there was cake, brownies, fruit and other goodies, Nova got pettins and scritchies, and much fun was had by all.

(Speaking of cake, we learned our lesson from last year's party and only ordered a quarter-sheet. We still have leftover cake, but nowhere near as much as last year!)

Tomorrow I am hoping I can take Sam to the pool. It was on the agenda for last Sunday, but I realized there were far too many errands that we needed to run, plus dinner out, so the pool was deemed expendable. Tomorrow should be a much more relaxed day; our only commitment is our usual food shopping.

On the other hand

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:36 am
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Needless to say I need to mention my vacation to Costa Rica this coming August when I sign my new hire paperwork on Monday. I cannot not mention it.  

It feels good to know I am now permanent/direct to hire employee after 17 years being in this country. This lesson teaches me the value of never giving up on one's dreams even things seem hopeless or when circumstances "say" otherwise. it's all in the perception of the situation. A situation is neither good nor bad, it just is. Do not make up "stories" or "interpretations".
One always have a choice to ignore the naysayers and keep on moving, or listen to them, give up and "accept" the naysayers.

The only difference is, you can't later turn around and blame the naysayers for the condition of your life later. One need to take responsibility of the decisions you've made and make the most of what you have to pursue your dreams. There will always be people and/or voices who want to keep you being small, not achieving your potential or greatness. Your responsibility is to know which ones of these people who want to keep you from achieving your potential.

A very good morning

Jul. 15th, 2017 06:58 am
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It's awesome how the universe works out. You think things are going one way, and the next thing you hear things are going completely the opposite way you thought, usually for the better. In my case, I finally got to be a permanent employee (read that: WITH BENEFITS) starting Monday at Macy's Distribution Center, indirectly reporting to Colleen and Jack - the VP of Distribution Logistics (aka the big boss that everyone seems to be snorting themselves to) starting Monday July 17, 2017. YAY!

The summary goes like this - I had been at Macy's Distribution Logistics since January to sit in for Yosary who was going on maternity leave. The head of the Department is Colleen, and Yosary is the manager reporting to her. So I was took in to do half of what Yosary does, and the rest of Yosary's work is equally divided up between the rest of the department. The work that Yosary do for Colleen is what I was trained on. And the other half that Yosary doesn't touch on, Colleen needed someone to assist her with. That's where I come in.

So Yosary left for maternity mid March in the middle of god knows busy season with inclement weather, everyone being sick and the DC closed for snow days a few times (you know how it gets between February to April in the North East). And Macy's/Bloomingdale's annual store inventory count (i. e. all Macy's and Bloomingdale's nationwide) went  into a frenzied mode of craziness for that one week on the last Sunday of April.(actually three (3) if you count the weeks leading to the stock take since we had to coordinate with all the distribution centers nationwide and stores under the DC's jurisdiction). So with all the training ,explaining, conference calls and back-up plans as to what and how we should be doing the inventory... yea, you bet we were under the gun a lot. It was quite a process that week but all quite exciting, just went very fast.

And in between March to June, things were happening fast and furious here and work kept us all busy and occupied.... and in the meantime  I just plugged in and keep doing the work I was trained for, assisting Colleen in the day to day inventory and reporting she asked for ... and she was happy, or over the moon about me, I think.  I only say it because i didn't hear her complaining to the agency, because trust me, I would know from the agency if Colleen was not happy with my work. I still keep my peace with the rest of the department and I was actually getting some cooperation with some of the girls there ( SOME being the operative word) but in general we were able to keep the department moving. But I did hear the feedback from the agency and those outside my immediate department that Colleen was very happy with my work thus far.

And so it goes, until first week of July after the Fourth, when Yosary returned from maternity. And I was told my last day at Macy's will be Friday July 7 around 1pm or so when I approached Colleen as to what was the plan after July with Yosary back at work. She told me  the bad news. 

I took it quite well, at least at first. (There was only a couple of hours left in the day so I can fake it for a bit.) I think I sounded a tad shocked but most importantly not surprised the termination was coming. But I was more shocked and so was Colleen that supposedly RHI had not informed me. (She claimed they had informed the agency). Who knows, maybe they did and something fell through the cracks- then again, maybe they did not. But whatever it was, she asked for my resume before we left, hugged me and wished me well and gave me the "don't  give up, never underestimate the power of networking" speech,  and after feeling kind of sick and betrayed and relieved and a lot of more over the weekend i worked on my resume on Monday, essentially highlighting the key stuff I did the last 6 months, and emailed it to her.

Didn't hear anything from them until Tuesday when Jeff from HR called asking me if i would be interested in working back at Macy's but this time downstairs at the receiving side. We discussed briefly about salary and all the good stuff, and I told him I will come back with an answer by Thursday. Come Thursday I had more questions to ask and asked Jeff if I could come to the place and meet this new supervisor of receiving., Jaime.

So I went to see them yesterday on Friday, and Jaime spent quite a bit of time explaining to me the nitty-gritty of the job and it sounded a lot. But it intrigued me. But I get to be the only chick in that department. and to move and walk around a lot in the heated side of the warehouse. The desks where I will be working is situated in the open floor so that;s something I am not keen on. And it's at the far end of the building and I mean FAR END OF THAT HUGE WAREHOUSE. But you know what, it gives me a chance to walk around a bit and that is always good for me to get some exercise during the day. The position also allows for OT if I need to. And it gives the opportunity to learn something from the ground up and eventually ties into "inventory" and there's the start of the chapter on this topic called "Inventory". And "Cost Accounting". And "Operations". And "Logistics". Eventually it will start to tie around "people" and "human resources" and "planning". And that is something I can and am willing to learn about.


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